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Friday, May 21, 2010

Now that's professional

Woke with a massive migraine. You know the ones where everyone around you must die. This caused me to forget to ask husband to leave cash for the farrier.

You read that right, a farrier. We finally got one. Of course it is the horse neighbor's farrier. But she had agreed to work on Sam's hooves while she was working on theirs.

Noon, I was told noon. I choked down some meds and coffee (the combo helps when skull cap doesn't) Rounded up Sam and stood in the ditch. Sam enjoying her greens, while I stood in the sun, nauseous, hot and in pain. Everyone but me was late. Not sure how long I stood there, it felt like hours. Finally they arrived and I brought Sam over.

Sam wasn't as co-operative as she could have been. But what would have taken husband an hour to do, seemed to be finished in 20 minutes. Sam got smack a couple of times for trying to kick, but otherwise she did relatively decently.

Alas, the cash I forgot to get from husband! Luckily I had a money order that I had yet to fill out and some paper cash and quarters. I was able to scrounge up just enough to cover the bill.

I feel better that Sam was able to get a professional to trim her up. We must have been doing a decent job of it ourselves as the farrier had nothing bad to say about the condition of her hooves. I think we have been leaving them a little long, but not anything that would hurt her.

Now I am smoking some skullcap, hopefully if will finish the job that the meds and coffee started.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love your life; or at least your retelling of it. =) Had to read the first two sentences to my other half - Loved it.
Would you share more about the skullcap? When I first read this I thought it was a head covering like Ronnie wears under his helmet.


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