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Monday, April 05, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked (Easter)

You use different muscles to work a farmstead than you do a homestead.

530 am, Easter Sunday. I woke, made coffee, then stood in the middle of the living room and screamed


Small was the first one up. Easter Bunny brought them little Coleman headlamps.

I made an apple strudel while husband packed the car. And we were off to the farmstead. Once there, eggs were hidden with the utmost care.

Egg on tractor whell

And they were off!

Find those eggs

My morning was spent on firewood.

No bubble bursting this morning please. I did this all by myself.


Husband did some tilling, then climbed the windmill.



Large followed.


Then it was lunch time, picnic style of course. Then back to work. Clearing trees and putting up fence posts. And let's not forget the massive amount of hemlock I worked on getting out.


Before posts
before fence posts

After posts
after fence posts

We put 9 of these bad boys in. Had to drag them behind us with chains they were so heavy.

Small is still on the fence about all this

Too sore to type, to tired to think.


KF-in-Georgia said...

You guys have been busy! I spent Easter sitting and knitting while the dogs slept. A nice day.

> Husband did some tilling, then climbed the windmill.

I read that as "Husband did some tilting, then climbed the windmill" and I thought "Of course he did. Tilting at windmills. What else do you do with them?"

Bob from Athens said...

"Too sore to type, to tired to think"

An honest day's work makes fr a really good night's sleep and a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. Keep it up and the soreness will go away, but the tiredness...AH.HA..That's your reward for a good days work.
Not that you are not already doing a good days work on the homestead, but this involves a different set of muscles used in a different way.

Michaela said...

O.M.G. I dont know how you do it. Reading your blog is a lot like reading a Laura Ingalls Wilder story. Only the pix are in colour...You have mucho admiration from me xxoo

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

What a fantastic role model for your children. To see and instill such work ethic... Bravo! (love the new place. Your windmill has me envious!)
Sweet dreams our dear Phelan. You deserve it after so much hard work.

Phelan said...

KF, that had me in a giggle fit, thank you

Bob encouragement is encouraged around here. I was too tired to sleep, made for a long day. And rock hauling muscles are different then firewood hauling muscles

Michaela, I do have better pictures :)
Just wait, it will get better.

Farm chick, making me blush

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