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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From Hence Forth, It shall be known as WTF

White Trash Farms

With the flash flooding, the old farms, and a creek as well as a ditch running through the farmstead, we have accumulated a variety of items.

See something you like?

Have any repurposing ideas? Broken glass and rusted tin cans will be an issue

flash flood trash

flash flood trash

flash flood trash

And my mother is asking; Those of you that use wood burning stoves, how does one go about keeping the ash from going all over the place.


Yart said...

My uncle use to lightly spray the ash with water from a mist bottle.

Kelle said...

Misting with water before removing helps, otherwise you just deal with ashy dust in you home*sigh* Hence the reason for Spring cleaning after a long winter of burning with wood( smoke leaves a film on your walls too*smile*)

HermitJim said...

Man, that looks like a couple of days work getting it all together and gone!

Maybe a good bonfire is in order?

I kinda like the new name,catchy!

FancyHorse said...

Memorable name!
Are you into outsider art? You could make sculptures with it, and sell them!
Or recycle.

goatlady said...

I want the tires. The goats like playing on them.

Bob from Athens said...

Just another red neck back yard, where's the dogs?

Funder said...

Tires make good feeders. Bolt a piece of metal or plywood to the bottom of a tire and throw your horse/cow grain in it. If you have enough tires of roughly the same size, you can attach them together and make a compost bin - you'll have to google that for specifics.

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