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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Then we slice and dice and carve in pretty pictures

How to shave with a straight razor.

I haven't used safety razors in years. Disposable razors and safety razors can be expensive and a pain. Plus whenever I used them, I ended up getting all prickly within a few hours, or as soon as I got any goose bumps. Blah. How annoying is that? Besides, nothing compares with how clean a straight razor actually shaves. Smooth without the pain of sugaring.

For the guys, this is simple, find a barber shop. No, not a Fantastic Sam's or something like that. But an honest to goodness Barber shop. Talk to the Barber and see if he will teach you to use a straight razor. Many will charge you for the shave, but if you have never had this done before, it is well worth it, and your lady will be constantly touching you.

Ladies, this can get a little more complicated. If you are man enough, seek out a Barber. Most will not be able to show you how to shave your legs, underarms, or any delicate areas. However, they might be willing to take you an as an apprentice. Not only will you learn a new skill, but possible work.

It takes an average of 100 shaves to get decent at it.

And you will bleed. No if and or buts about it, you will cut yourself more than once. Straight razors are dangerous, if you aren't careful, you will slice and dice yourself. However once you get it down, those slight cuts are indeed worth the effort.

Because someone else has already written the article, I will send you to this wiki page. It does a good job in telling you how to shave your face.

Ladies, you will need to follow the directions as well, for your legs. However there are some differences.

  • Lather and shave is sections, don't try doing it all at once. Use short strokes.

  • When learning, start off with the easier sections nothing bony. It will be easier for you, and help you build up your courage.

  • Once you got the down, time for the knees. They can be an issue. You need to shave away from the knee cap, never towards it, as it will cut you.

<----X----> (X would be the knee)

  • Make sure you pull your skin taught while doing this.

  • Bend you knee and shave up, carefully.

  • Rinse in cold water and sooth any razor burns with witch hazel.
That would be how women shave their legs with a straight razor or cut throat razor.


Unknown said...

For some reason that just scares the heck out of me. I might actually reconsider sugaring!! LOL

Phelan said...

It is a little intimidating. But it is the best shave I have ever had.

I highly suggest that if your ole man uses a straight razor, have him shave you first. A big trust factor there, but a competent hand, that knows what is doing will help you over come the fears. Plus no pain like sugar.

Jennifer said...

This reminded me of that scene in The Color Purple where she is getting ready to shave him with a straight razor. I don't think I am that brave but it was interesting to read about. Love your blog.

Bob from Athens said...

When my granpaw was in his sixties or seventies, even with the shaky hands he still used a straight razor and seldom cut himself. Guess that just proves that practice does make perfect.

The Craftivist said...

Oh man, I can certainly appreciate your courage. I don't think I'd have the nerve to use that on my "delicate" areas. I can believe that it leaves a nice, smooth shave, I'm just too chicken to try it. :D

cpcable said...

I wish I had your confidence! Although, like all things, I'm sure that all it takes is patience and practice. An awesome skill to have, though.

Dark Spice said...

I may try that sometime. I think waxing hurts a whole lot more than getting cut so for me at least this is a whole lot better option than sugaring.

Plus, a straight razor will only hurt upon accidentally cutting oneself. Sugaring hurts every time.

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