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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He Left me for my Mother

That's what my audition tape for the Springer show will say.

Husband did indeed leave me for my mother yesterday. They headed out to the farmstead. I wasn't able to go, because of the boys school. Husband got a new chainsaw for his birthday and was itching to use it. He asked if I had pictures of what the land looked like before he got out there. He says there is a noticeable difference in the land scape. Actually started to look like people might be moving in again.

They said the drive way had 3 feet of snow in it. The drive is a big problem. It sits very low, and seems to be always flooded. even if we are in the flint hill, I'm not sure the boys will be able to fill it with the rocks they find around the farm. We will have to raid the neighbors place.

I am sitting here watching 50 two day old chicks run around like, well chickens with their heads cut off! They arrived yesterday. The hatchery threw in extra roosters for me. Which is good. I only ordered just enough for my breeding needs, and these extra's can be butchered later. Or rather sooner, than later.

Husband had built a new brooder out of scrap. It's rather large. Big enough that Small crawled into the cage and slept the first night it was in the house. The cats being shut in it with him were not happy. But we did discover that the cats couldn't get out, which in turn means they can't get in. Small wasn't happy that he couldn't keep sleeping in it because of the birds. I'm shaking my head as well. All I can say is that he is my son. I take responsibility for the eccentric behavior of me children. I know that I too am not the "normal" type of person. However, I still blame husband in public.

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