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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doesn't Impact Me

A few years ago there was a blog that was all the rage. I went and checked it out, left 1 comment and forgot about it. It just wasn't for me. Suddenly I am getting email alerts from this blog that seems to have become a phenomenon or something. The email states that I signed up for this alert. deleted it and went on my merry way. Suddenly I get another email and another, I finally unsubscribe to the service. I only made one comment a few years ago! Never signed up for this.

It seems that this person has become a little famous. A hero of sorts because he decided to ride a bike and turn off his lights while living in the city. What did this really accomplish? He can live in the dark. . . ohhh awww. So now there is a book and a movie. Nope not upset, annoyed a little, but it doesn't really impact me at all. Just something I was chewing over.

We have heroes. Celebrities that probably shouldn't be talking if it isn't in their scripts, and celebrities that actually do wonderful things outside of a studio that are humble enough not to seek out platitudes for their deeds.

We have talented athletes, that show us their amazing abilities and gracefulness. Some quietly give back to the community that supports them, while others. . . well we have all heard the stories.

And time after time books and movies come out about them. Which is all fine and dandy. But my heroes, the movies that come out about them is either because of a green movement idea or localvores greed. And time and time again they are made to look stupid.

I would love to see a real movie. Something that shows all the heart and soul of my heroes. Be it a documentary or a life and times. I know I will never see my heroes on the big screen. But I read them everyday and imagine how things will be for them. They enlighten me, entertain me, show me their strength and weaknesses. I know their children, I know their pets, I know their spouses. And no, they are not every day people. These are the less then 2% of the US. A small group that has hearts larger than life.

I don't think one should be famous for something that thousands of people do because they have no choice. I have walked for miles, been without heat or fresh running water. I have had to cook my food outside or just eat it raw. This does not impress me. But I am happy for them, and the others that find joy in what they have accomplished.

What impresses me is the hard work that some families do, with each other, and enjoy every single minute of it. Even when the stories brings tears to your eyes, joy shines in there some where.

My heroes?

Obviously my mother. I would love to see someone do her story. Grew up in California to a typical suburban family, hippie and card carrying Communist s a teen. Pregnant too young, homeless. Her band opened for Iron Butterfly, she played with Frank Zappa's kids. Sang with some famous jazz/blues singers, and watch Tina Turner lock Ike out of the Studio one night. She raised 2 of her children as Marxists, the other two as Christians. She rose from an abusive relationship to find joy and hope in life.

My Movie list would read;

The Back Forty

Free Range Living

The Unusually Unusual Farm Chick

The Ward House

Coffee with the Hermit

Ran with the Devil, Walked with the Angels

Some of these blog writer have shared their lives with me for almost 5 years. Sometimes it is easy to Forget I have never really met them.

How would your list read?


DebH said...

I hear that...too bad more people don't. It really is REAL Life to be to caretaker for our livestock and our families. Seems too many people are just selfish and not selfless. Good point you make!

cpcable said...

Very well put, especially the paragraph about giving accolades to those who do "extreme" things that other people do every day to survive. No one is giving a book or movie deal to the homeless men and women out there, for example, who have far more to teach us about what it takes to survive in a world without electricity, without cars, and without the conveniences we all think we need.

Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes - I never thought of you and I and the others as heros - just comrads, cohorts, whatever you want to call us on the same journey, helping each other along the way.
Well put!

Lamb said...

My biggest hero and a determining factor in my life still to this day was my amazing woman who should have lived to 120 (at least!), but she died before I even hit my teens...
She was from Ireland, came to the US with her parents and all her siblings save one, a sister that had married and stayed behind with her husband. Her mother DESPERATELY wanted to take "the lovely new boat", but her father found he could save about 2 dollars per person by taking an older, slower boat. Good thing my great-grandfather prevailed! The "lovely new boat" was the Titanic!
She was a young girl when she came over, but she never lost that lovely Irish lilt in her speech...she let me play at cooking in her kitchen and I learned to bake bread from her. And garden, and my first knowledge of herbs and using a treadle sewing machine, and....well...for several years, I spent more time with her and my grandfather than with my parents (due to my mothers illness and my parents travels).
Nanny was, is and always will be, my personal hero!

Cheryl said...

What a great post. I am surprised and moved to be included on your list, thank you.
I have learned a lot from you over the years, and would be first in line to see your story (and your mom's!) on the big screen!

FancyHorse said...

A lovely tribute to your mother, Phelan! I would go to see a movie about her!

Lamb's story about her grandmother gave me goosebumps! THAT close to being on the Titanic, and Lamb wouldn't be here!

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