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Friday, March 05, 2010

Chip Bone Pea Tendons

I have been informed that today's temperature will reach 60F. However my shoulders are telling me that I will not be allowed to enjoy it. I have stretched, bruised, torn the tendons in my shoulders too many times, and today they have decided that even if I have garden plans, they will make me feel every single moment of it, oh and forbid me to raise my arms too high. Now kids, this is the reason not to do illegal drugs. But then you could argue once you start hurting, legal drugs are called for, and maybe a misdemeanor drug. Good thing I have yet to break my humor, however twisted it is at times. (You want to hear the stories, don't you?)

Last night husband came home late. He came in the house limping. Turns out he was working and a bike and the Pneumatic impact wrench slipped and nailed him twice in the knee. He is concerned he might have chipped a bit of bone of his femur. He has a huge rock hard knot on his leg, and very little bruising.

I have peas sitting in water, soaking. The ones that sprout will be planted outside today or tomorrow. The turkeys will get the rest of them.

I was asked about potted pumpkins. Make sure you use a large pot, the plants need plenty of heat and light, and they eat a lot. Fish emulsion does wonders. Make sure the soil stays moist and your potted pumpkins should do wonderfully. If it is a hanging pot, use pantyhose to cover the fruit and tie it to something to help hold it's weight. You can do this with any of your vines, it helps keep squash bugs off them.

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