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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Yucky Miracle of Goat Birth

I had to watch it, now you do.

It was actually quite interesting to watch. I grew concerned, found myself clenching and pushing a bit in sympathetic memory for Betty.

I was waiting with Small for the bus, when I heard Betty being rather vocal. Once Small was gone I went out to the barn to check on her. She was gone! I looked out in the field and saw Jack laying in a pile of straw, and there, making strange stretching movements was Betty. Well that didn't look good. I really really hoped she hadn't already popped that kid out, there in the middle of a group of cows. She's a slick one that Betty, she escape when she wants to. I ran out there and found. . .






first breath




Welcome to the world baby boy!

Welcome to the world baby boy

After he was born, I gave them a minute, but Betty wanted nothing to do with him, and Patch came running to take over.....mmmm....not what I want happening. They have been re-penned away from everyone and closer to the house. I will check here in a few minutes and see if we have twins or not. But I doubt we will.


APN said...

Awesome, Now it's our turn. Our goat is due any day or any minute, I was hoping to be there. I'll miss it though because I'm back on the road again. Hopefully Betty takes to her baby, I'm sure she will

Tess P said...

That was so amazing! You captured the moment perfectly. I really enjoy all of the homesteading pictures and information you give to us. You really do make a difference.

Congratulate the new mom for me. :)

Tess P.

Laura said...

Really great pictures of the event, you were lucky to be there to see it all. Congrats on the healthy kid.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Nice pics. I always miss ours.

Rivenfae said...

Well at worst Patch seems to want to help the little one out. I hope the little guy does well.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...


Cheryl said...

Amazing photos! The whole family gathered around to see them. In the words of my son - "Ouch".

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Beautiful and (I'll agree with Cheryl's son)ouch! Thanks for the pics!

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