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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Morning Ramble

I realize that I tend to do this ramble in the middle of the night. But I was ignoring life as I lie in bed feeling like a donkey had just kicked the back of my skull in. I did my morning blog rounds, and was thinking about how they changed the NAIS name. And I suddenly grew very tired. Sad. It all makes me so incredibly sad.

Warning, this will end up getting political.

I have seemed to have made another new friend in DC. Many of you don't know this, but since I began this blog, and started talking about NAIS and telling the Senate that they are behaving like children and they should stand in the corner, or talking about my homesteading life in general I have several friends in the political world. Allow me to, for the first time in 5 years, give a shout out to a few.

The Sargent in Arms


Homeland Security

Border Patrol


A congressman's office

A Senator's office


Now not being overly paranoid, some of these might just be reading because of their interests rather than something nefarious. But since yesterday and new office has been over, very interested in a post I wrote way back in the beginning, entitled "I am not anti-government". Now this is a post about the first time I found out about NAIS. Nothing about setting myself ablaze and sitting on the front lawn. It has links to articles and websites about what was happening, and my paranoia about how much attention I would get for speaking out about it. Well I did get attention, from Mensa, all positive, then a lot of people from cargill and Monsanto showed up. In their defense they didn't attack me, just read it. But that is long past. I still talk about NAIS, have posts up about if this program was so great, why has President Bush not signed his cattle up for it?

At that time, it was acceptable for me to say something about President Bush and the fact that he was allowing NAIS or now FADTS to happen against our will, but he himself wasn't participating. I was on the correct side of the political fight. But now, now I am seen as a loon and a threat to America according to various article recently published and by homeland securities own research.

Dissidence is Patriotic, has always been so. But we live in a double standard arena. Because my fight now has a new figure head, I am labeled racists, militant, right wing wacko. My tastes and ideals haven't changed. I still feel the same way I did before. But the president and the social scale has changed. Now I am eyed not as an allie like before, but now I'm an enemy.

Because I don't care who holds office, I care about the programs that will inflict damage or harm on me and mine. I am selfish that way.

It is they who have changed, not me.

I support the Tea parties. They still aren't sure where they stand as a group, but as a nation of people who all have true concerns and fears. I support the Oath Keepers. My father was a Police Officer and a Navy man, he would have been proud of his peers for standing up for what they believe in.

Isn't that how many of us were raised? To have morals and principles, to stand up for the little guy, and proclaim loudly that we shall be heard? Or was I the only one raised by a hippy? The Hippies were a counter culture youth movement, mainly white males. Now who is leading the charge in the new counter culture movement? You bet! The same ones. The same people that stood up for Civil rights, are the same ones that are now standing up and screaming at the Government. They are use to the name calling, the propaganda flung at them. These hippies grew up, got jobs, open their own businesses and started families. And now they don't like what they are seeing. And it didn't start with the newest president, no, it started years ago. The frustration just kept building, and now they have an outlet.

Let them have it.

They are not hurting anyone. Maybe some feelings, but then we go back to "sticks and Stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me." However Medium just informed me that they changed the last part to, "Words will break my heart." That ticks me off a bit. How are you suppose to function as a person if words tear you up?

The Blog, Dissenting Times, brought to my attention an article in the New York Post. I no longer read the Post, because they have drastically changed over the recent years, and no longer suit my taste of reading material. This blog was brought to my attention by a biker (Patriot Guard) It's an interesting article. Why doesn't the NY Times get it? My only thought is that they never grew up. They still hold on to ideals that are defunct. But that is purely my opinion that as of the writing of this post, I still had a freedom to speak my mind.

I don't preach hate of any kind. I loathe a few things, of course, but I really don't think I am a racist. I don't threaten to harm or do damage to anyone or anything, except that I will stand up for myself and will defend my family if necessary. I am not a birther. I do not blindly follow Glenn Beck or Chris Mathews (but I do have a crush on John Stossel, have since I was a wee girl)

I was taught that if you have morals, if you have principals then you are to stand up with you see an injustice unfolding. This blog has been around for many years, and I have spouted about what I have seen as an injustice. I rarely get political, I rarely talk about religion, because I have a number of readers from all walks of life. And they each stand up for what they think is right. And that is how it should be.

I will never talk down to you as long as you never talk down to me. I will never group you into a lump of people, unless you do that yourself. I will not allow you to fall, as I hope you would never allow me to.

This man that flew into the IRS building, is not one of mine. He is not one of yours. He is a man that thought the only way out was in a suicide mission. These are not the ideals that I bring to the table. Nor are they the ideals of any of the groups I like or support or write for. We are about living, about Freedom and Bravery. We are about living out the dreams and pursuing happiness in our salt of the Earth ways.

Many people merely want to be heard. They are scared of what uncertain future is coming for them. It is natural to feel this way. Groups support each other, lift the individual, help them feel secure. It has always been this way. I am unsure why so many people have forgotten this. Have we spent too many years avoiding one another that when a group of people that don''t know each other get together, it seems to be an odd concept? Apparently. We use to know our neighbors. We use to hang out with them, and enjoy each others company. Then privacy and self loathing seems to have erupt on the scene. But that has passed and more people are starting to talk to their neighbors, and realizing they have a lot in common.

I do not see this "up rising" as a bad thing. I see it as something that has always been. It doesn't matter if you belong to a Tea Party or with ELF. You ideals are different, your ways to have change come about is very different, but you belong to a group that has the same beliefs as you, that will hold you up and encourage your principles to bloom. It is not only about a need to belong, but a need to be heard. Why do you think so many people blog? ( FYI: I do not support how ELF has gone about their way of change)

I guess it comes down to, don't judge me based purely on what 1 of my principles are. Look at the entire individual first, then the group as a whole. They are not to be feared, unless you want to fear them. And no amount of propaganda will change that. Read all the views and you decide for yourself. Don't allow anyone to dictate your thoughts for you.

Now who wants to see some pictures of the wee cows getting bigger?


HermitJim said...

Nice post, Phelan...nice post indeed! I agree with your way of thinking!

And yes, I'd like to see some pics of the wee cows...thank you!

Kelle said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, thank you. You're going to find many who think like you, that's the blessing of the internet!
Please share pictures, our wee babe isn't due to arrive until end of April.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Insert me clapping and saying "you go girl"! I would do a back flip of butmy doctor (and my body) would inflict revenge of great pain..LOL
I still smile each ime I come over for a visit and see the sheep/butt picture...sigh. I just love tht picture...

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