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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kansas Wins by 4 seconds

Because I realize you are all dying to know, Liberal Kansas won the International Pancake race by 4 secs.

A gym teacher ran the 415-yard course in 63 seconds, while an Olney woman ran it in 67 seconds.

This is the third year in a row that the same woman in Liberal has won, she can not race next year. So England, you've got shot. The AP has a small blurb about it here.

Well someone still loves me out there in blog land. Pacy Crochets awarded me with the Sunshine award. Thank you Pacy. ( I am unable to leave a comment on your blog, the security code keeps cutting off)

Medium confronted Husband the other day. Medium demanded to know if it was true that he had clown blood in him. Husband was confused until Medium told him the Large had claimed to witness me being attacked by a clown. Husband laughed, and informed him that I was indeed bitten by a clown, now Small is worried that he is a wereclown.

It is a nice change to having our only major concern with the Neophyte Homestead and our family is that we keep cotton candy and circus peanuts away from Small. Unfotunately the Horse neighbor isn't so lucky right now. He was just informed that he will be deployed to Afghanistan in May, for a full year. Horse wife is worried, but she told me that all the animals, including the horses, will all know stupid pet tricks when he returns. As with all the other times he has been deployed, we have a standing offer to help with the ranch when they need it.

And my mother, she managed to break 2 ribs in 4 places. Don't make her laugh.


SkippyMom said...

Hope your Mom is feeling better soon - ouch!

Wereclown cracked me up. lol

and congrats on winning the pancake race - Go Kansas!

alrescate said...

Beware the Wereclown!

I'll keep your mother in my thoughts.

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