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Monday, February 15, 2010

It's going to be like that. . huh

Friday night we went to get another bale. It wouldn't budge. It wanted to slide, have you ever tried to push something that weighs over 1500 lbs, over dry grass and up a truck's tail gate? no? Well I don't recommend it. We stripped the bale in half, then filled the truck, leaving half behind. That seemed to take forever.

That was the last straw (pun?) for husband. Yesterday it was a balmy 32F with wind speeds of 45 mph. I never caught what the wind chill was, but my ears were bright red within a few seconds, and even with gloves on, my fingers were stiff in a few minutes.

We stripped the truck bed of the frame. It's one of those beds that someone turned into a trailer. We got it Free with a bunch of re barb in it. Husband needed my help getting the bed off. That sucker was very heavy, it took several 2x4's grunting, tears that burned and minutes to get it off the frame.

Today husband and horse neighbor are headed into town, were they will be picking up a hay spike, and husband will be finageling and creating a way for us to get the bales without a tractors.

Our tractor would wheelie all the way home (if we could gt it moving) if we tried to get a bale with it. I will be sure to take photos and tell you all about this newest project.

The Homesteaders way is getting a good amount of traffic, thank you guys, We finally added our first homesteading book, from Sally Gardens in Ireland. It is an ebooklet. I have read and enjoyed her blog for years. So I think this is great, and will be getting a copy for myself soon. You can find the listing for it here, under Homesteading Books.


HermitJim said...

ke a handy project, but might be brutal in the Winter. Looking forward to the pics of the hay hauler!

Stay warm, my friend!

Richard said...

Great blog. Yes the pics will be great to see.I bought an old Dodge pickup bed trailer for $100 I use and use it very handy. At 30 I am already too old to be dealing with big bales like that LOL.

Phelan said...

30!?! Why your just a young 'un. Another two years and your my age, then we will talk about being too old. ha!

Richard said...

LOL yea everyone tells me I am still young I don't feel it though LOL. Cheers

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