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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Couple of things


We got tired of waiting for GE to respond. And I could care less about them and their junk parts. We bought the pump, and found out why it was so expensive. Instead of just selling the pump, which is removable, they sell you the entire assembly. Blah!

I had a 30 year old maytag that worked just fine before I bought this washer.

The bumper had filed an appeal. That means my stepfather's job is still in jeopardy. We have no idea why the Union seems to loathe my stepfather as he has always paid his dues and never crossed a picket line. Has even stood on the line with him.

The Homesteaders Way has added new listings in Butcher shop, livestock, canned goods, home/gifts and Fresh produce.

I have two friends, both work for the same company that husband was laid off from. One was on furlough so long, the his unemployment runs out next week. The other had his pay cut almost $3.00 an hour, and will loose his home on March 3rd. Someone said that the midwest had jobs a plenty on a blog. I laughed until my side hurt. Not sure where they thought the jobs were, but they are not here in Kansas.


HermitJim said...

I guess that some folks always think the grass is greener...I don't know of a single place in the country that the jobs are plentiful in!

Sorry to hear about your SD's delay in finding out about his future! That truly sucks!

Glad you don't have to wash by hand anymore! What a blessing that must be!

darius said...

I like the new look of your blog!

SkippyMom said...

Read your comments girlie and come be happy at my blog. You won! LOL

[maybe that will brighten your day]

alrescate said...

I just can't understand why the Union isn't fighting for your stepfather's rights as much as they are for the other fellow.

small farm girl said...

They're not here in Ky either. My husband has been laid off for over 14 months.

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