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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Give me some sugar baby

I did it. I Sugared.

To make Sugaring Paste you will need

2 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup water

Place all ingredients into a heavy bottom sauce pan, mix together and bring to a boil over a med-high heat. Reduce hat and simmer at least 25 minutes until it is a dark Amber color. Cool slightly and pour into a container and allow it to come to room temperature before using.

I did all that. Husband was really interested in the entire project so he hoovered and actually tended to the mixture as it simmered. I got it into the container, and started scrapping the stuff that stuck in the pan. Of course we tasted it. Tastes like lemon drops. Our boys, including a neighbor kid tried it as well. As soon as all of them had a bit in their mouths I announced that what they were eating would be ripping the hair off my legs. They all paused, looked at me, then shrugged. Tastes good!

As the mixture sat cooling more than once I had to tell everyone to STOP EATING IT!

Mixture has now cooled to room temperature. I grabbed the corn starch, and the boys wanted to try it. So small little balls were made, and I ripped the hair off their arms. Evil mama! It was like removing a band aid. They howled and laughed running though the house to show their father. I still say boys are silly, but girls are insane.

Why? Why did I decide to do this? My main goal was something that I didn't need water for, like shaving. And as I have sensitive to chemical skin, I opted to try the natural stuff.

Have you waxed before? I was informed that this was less painful than waxing. I rubbed just a bit of corn starch on my leg. Not a lot, just enough to keep the sugar from sticking to my skin. I pulled out a bit of the mixture, like pulling taffy, and formed a ball, warming the mixture back up a bit. Next I pulled it up my leg against the grain if you will. Took a deep breath and. . .

I turned into an opera singer.

Quickly pull the sugar down, with the grain.

ok, ok. I've got it down. Let's try it again.

I LOVE MY MOTHER! of course not what I said, sailors could be seen blushing.

I tried it again. Sugar Honey Ice Tea that hurts. Oh look, a root. Oh look, blood.

Are you kidding me. I am so done. I informed husband that I will try this again when I am super drunk and have no feeling in any of my extremities. Put a lid on the container and save for latter. If it gets to hard, add a bit of water and put it in the microwave a few moments, allow to cool before using.

But hey, it works.


SciFiChick said...

I wonder why you would use lemon juice on something like ripping hair off your body? That hurts just thinking about it.
I'm still laughing here bout the boys!

HermitJim said...

Sounds a lot like the sugar syrup that my Mom used to make when we were kids! I have never heard about using it to remove hair...and I will admit to laughing out loud when reading about the experiment...sorry!

You ladies can really be a joy sometimes...well, most of the time really!

Thanks for a good start to my day!

Phelan said...

It wasn't so much the lemon juice that hurt, as it was ripping the hair out by the root. I never felt the sting of citrus ;)

Jim, it was funny, after the fact. And it is a lot like making a candy or simple syrup.

Anne M. said...

I too am sorry to say I laughed here also. But this is definitely something to try. Will tell my teenage daughter about this - she's always wanting to try new things. If she don't cry then I'll try =)

Phelan said...

Anne M. HAHAHA! Make the child do it first :D

Wendy said...

My sister tried to wax her underarms ... once ;). Being witness to that experiment is enough for me to decide to stick to shaving ... for now :). Can you imagine a bikini wax? *shudder*

edifice rex said...

I've heard of sugaring before so I knew what you were up to but there is no way in hell I'd try it. As a welder I've had molten steel go down my pants and I can take that much better than waxing (or similar) any day! At least the steel burns the nerves away. Fortunately my skin can take the creams, so that's the way I go.

Stephanie in AR said...

Oh man I have to think real hard before giving it a try. If you never try it again at least the boys can eat that container of candy.

SkippyMom said...

"I turned into an opera singer" - OH, ho, ho - I was so glad I wasn't drinking anything. Sorry, but that is funny.

I relly could just picture you going "AhaaaaaaaaaHAAAA!"

I have never waxed after I had my eyebrows done because the idea of my legs? OUCH. So you are a brave woman and I really like the idea behind this as it seems to work well.

Where did you learn about this? Do a lot of people do it?

Stephanie said...

I have to get my face waxed every couple weeks due to my hormones being off from my PCOS, so I understand where you are coming from on this. I can't imagine doing it to my legs though too much area to be done.

Irma said...

Thanks for both the laugh and the information. I have a sugar hand wash I use that makes my hands feel silky smooth and delightul.... but sugaring as a hair removal treatment will NOT be part of my life any time soon. I appreciate your honest reporting!

Amy Manning said...

Thanks for the review of the method. I will stick to shaving.

Am enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

FDL I do not mean to laugh at your pain - your description though. LMAO My 15yr old wanted to try sugaring; I am so passing this along to her. *snickers*

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