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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling Better

Was feeling a little sickly the past couple of days. I must have looked awful because husband took over my duties on Sunday and allowed me to nap.

Husband has been thinking about some things that will benefit us when we go off grid. He has a plan. And from what he is saying, it sounds like it and everything will work out beautifully. Sometimes it's nice living with an engennering genius slash doctor slash motorcycle builder. Conversation get rather interesting here at times. I will tell you all about the project as they happen.

He is actually getting excited about this whole farmstead project. Before he was hesitant about it, one of the reasons we were out last year like planned. But I think some issues he was having have been settled. And he is golden about it now.

I had a podcast interview with the Kentucky Prepper, Matthiasj last night. I am offically a rambling fool. Just to let you know. He said it will be available to listen Thursday. I will let you guys know if you are interested in listening. It is pretty much a get to know me session. I enjoyed it.

Has anyone heard about the Crow Creek Tribe? I just heard about this. Apparently the tribe owed back taxes since 2003, and the IRS came in a snagged 7 thousand + acres of ancestral and treaty given land from them. I saw it on Indian Country News, but can't find anything in the main stream media about it. This feels wrong, very wrong.

So today it is the same ole same ole mundane work. Got a question be sure to ask, it will give me something different to do.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Hey! I talked with Matt last week. It was great fun.

I'll be sure to check out your podcast. I'll bet you don't ramble as much as I do ;).

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