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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Accumulation

Husband came home from work late last night and said that the weather guys were saying that there would be no accumulation of snow. I peeked outside and to me, the unprofessional, thought that it looked like it was sticking.

This morning there is about 2 inches on the ground.

I like the snow. When I get to sit back in a warm house to watch it. Or even playing in it with my boys. But I have to do chores this morning. I have lots of coffee ready for my return.

You never know how dirty you really are until you do all your laundry by hand.

Large informed me that it isn't impossible to milk a cat, one can do it if they don't mind all the scratches. ( that would be husband's cue to look at me a mutter, He's your son.")

Small came running in the house the other day, screaming and crying He was wet and covered in something black. I should know by now not to ask what happened because they always give me an answer. Turned out that Medium convinced him to take his sled and slide across the frozen lagoon. Small made it to the center and fell through. I really wanted to laugh and vomit at the same time. I stripped the boy down, and got him in a shower all while scolding Medium. The lagoon is fenced in for a reason, and how dangerous that could have been, and the you're grounded lecture. Medium informed me that they had to do it, it's the only hill on our land. My father made me a hill when I was a child (mom, you have that picture?) I told Medium to have his father build one for him. Daddy's can do anything you know.

Eddie is better, (my Cow) the problem is she is nursing 2 calves. We have some calf finisher to feed her to bring her weight back up. And she should be just fine.

I need to find a gently used violin for Medium. He has been listening to my cd Meromorphic (tribute to Tool) and is fascinated. He has been asking for a violin for months now

He has been interested in some sort of instrument for awhile now, but the violin seems to be what he has become passionate about. I can teach him the piano or the sax, but not the violin. I think my older brother can play. Need to ask him and hopefully get Medium some lessons.

ok enough chit chat, you really can hold me up sometimes, I need to get my chores done. Maybe I should muck out the barn while it is all still frozen. Anyone up for some hockey?


HermitJim said...

I think that's a great idea! I played the violin when I was younger...

Just think, soon you could have a house full of fiddle music!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Phelan said...

I know, and I am excited about it.

Conny said...

1. Ewww, Small fell into the blackness of the lagoon? (I think I know what that means - it happened to one of my friends when we were chasing chickens - we were about 9 yrs old.) That does require a hot shower and a lecture!!

2. Is it easier to clean out a frozen barn?

3. Yes - hockey happens every night at my house - floor hockey with a styrofoam puck.

Have a great and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

thank you for a great blog
just stumbled across and read alot of it (going backwards)
thank you for making me appreciate my great wife and kids more, and keep your chin up, someone told me once "tough times dont last, tough people do"
God bless you and your family and i truly wish you have a great 2010

Happy Hermit ( said...

Milking Cats - Ah , the ideas children come up with never fail to amuse !!

Anonymous said...

Love that music. I'll pass on the scratches (*snickers*) You have the coolest stories!

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