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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Depression Gift: Thank a Greedy Reader

A few year ago a good friend that goes by GreedyReader, sent me a wonderful present of a wing nut bracelet. I loved it! Still wear it whenever I get a chance. But it got me thinking, could I make one?

Yes I can!

What you need is

16 gauge wire (hot fencing works great)
several wing nuts (depending on size and how big the wrist is)
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
screw driver (Phillips)

I seem to have lost my photos on how to make the rings. If you wire is dirty, use a metal cleaner (lemon juice works sometimes) and clean it up all shinny like. Next start wrapping it around the screwdriver. As tight as possible. Once you get to the end, slide it off, you should have a very tight spring.

Next cut the spring down the middle, making lots of small rings. As most of us do not have the fancy rotatory tools, they will look a little pinched at the cuts.

Next, take a wing nut, and attach 2 rings to one side. Squeezing the rings shut with the pliers. Then add two more rings to those rings, then two more wings, and then another wing nut.


Something like that.

Attach clasps on either end when finished, and Viola!


jeanne said...

This post made me happy.

Phelan said...


April Bourgois said...

I am SO going to steal this idea!

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