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Friday, December 11, 2009

Cow Farts will bankrupt me

I haven't seen anyone talking about this, so I am.

Do you remember when there was a rumor that the EPA was going to tax dairy cattle $175 a year, beef cattle something like $85.50? Of course the EPA came out and said that they couldn't do such a thing because it needed to go through congress:

EPA, Dec. 10: EPA is not proposing a cow tax. The CAA (Clean Air Act) does not include a broad grant of authority for EPA to impose taxes, fees or other monetary charges specifically for GHGs (greenhouse gases) and, therefore, additional legislative authority may be required if EPA were to administer such charges.


Guess what people, after a declaration that greenhouse gases are harmful to humans, the EPA can now regulate pollution without congressional approval.

Of course I don't have the required number of 25, yet. But this could be a problem in the future as well as a problem for other family farms. There use to be 100 dairies in my area, and now there is only a handful.

Just something to think about while you chew your cud.


HermitJim said...

They can always figure out a way to "protect" us from ourselves, can't they?

When they make up their mind, they will find a way!

Gemini said...

the entire concept of taxing cows for real is entirely ridiculous (which of course will only encourage the EPA)

if they try it and succeed...well I bet there are loopholes...have twenty four cows. If you need more, keep the next two dozen at someone else's house and pretend they belong to them lol

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