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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wah wah wah wah

The garden is not quite put to rest. Yes, we have had freezing temperatures, but I still have peanuts to dig up. As soon as it stops raining, I will get on that.

I will try to get some photos taken today. Winston's horns are coming in nicely. Winona is filling out nicely. And Undies is getting close to butcher. I just hope he can get everyone pregnant before then. I have yet to see him try to mount Murial. He is so much shorter than she is, and I keep asking husband if he'll reach. Of course the guy answer is a lurid, oh yeah. ha! I just keep reminding myself of my dog, Satan, a very large chow. She would lay down for the neighbors wiener dog, and she managed to get knocked up. Those were some cool looking puppies.

I think Good Neighbor is upset with us. Ever since I told him that it wa settled and the horse neighbor would be buying our property, he hasn't been around. It's hard losing good neighbors. When one of our neighbor's died, and then the family moved, it was difficult for our family. The new people are not social at all, and we still don't know them very well. But this isn't like good neighbor will have to make new friends, he knows the horse neighbor. Good neighbor says he will be moving down south, where he has some acreage, once we leave. We still plan on staying in contact. I should go talk with him today, just to be neighborly if nothing else.

I still have about 30 lbs of tomatoes to process. The garden did rather well this year. I lost track over on the side bar, but I still have dried beans, corn and pumpkins to weight as well.

Hay of any kind has been difficult to find. Our hay guy wants $50 more now than what we were paying last year It isn't like we had a drought. It has been a great year for the stuff. But finding it has been a challenge. We were informed that a lot of it was sent to Texas. This has been causing a major issue for us, and other small hobbyists that can't afford to buy more than 1 or 2 bales at a time. One of husband's customers just happens to know a couple of people. He showed up here yesterday with a truck bed full of small square prairie hay bales. He and I threw them in the pouring rain. He told me that this round was on him, and that he was going to talk to another friend of his and see if we can get a hook up on his stuff.

Other than that it has been pretty mundane around here. Oh, the cats. . . do you remember playing that game as a kid, the one were the floor was hot lava (you have to say the word hot, or you ruin the game!) or water, and you couldn't touch it so you jumped from furniture to furniture? Well, the cats have picked up on that game. For some reason they have decided that they can not touch the floor. It gets annoying because you will be sitting on the chair, and cats will be jumping on your lap, scrambling on your chest and jumping from your shoulder. It's the claws coming out that really get ya.


Susan said...

I'm not sure where you are but if you were near wisconsin we could work something out. We have hay that a guy pays us a pittance for since we have nothing else to do with it! Of course he also cuts it and bales it himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phelan,

I butchered my first goat on Saturday. I didn't know how long to hang it before cutting and wrapping. How long do you hang yours for?



HermitJim said...

Sorry about your problem getting hay...I can see where that could be a problem.

The cats sound like mine! never know what they are thinking when they start doing something new like that game, but I do recognize the "claws out when I jump off your shoulder" routine...!

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