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Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks for the ride lady.

Medium's custom costume is looking more like John Marek rather than a scarecrow. I wonder if I should just have him walk around all night yelling, "I'm not an animal! I am a human-being!"

My biggest excuse for not wanting to do my chores is. . . .

"I can't, raccoons will eat my face."

I told this to my mother, and she informed me that out at the farm, she knows at least 20 people walking around without faces.

My mother says raccoons will eat your face, and I believe her.



Anonymous said...

It's costume, not custom.

Phelan said...

Thank you advance spell check. :D

HermitJim said...

Or maybe it's a custom costume...? Hey, if Mom says that raccoons will eat your face, then it's gotta be true, right? After all, Mom does know best (sometimes)!

Bet the young ones are all excited about Halloween...!

Anonymous said...

I'll remember this excuse the next time it is my turn to scoop the poop out of the yard.


Have a great Halloween!

Given55 said...

When this is done by a gang of raccoons, after all they do look like gangsters, and while you are screaming on the ground from the pain of facelessness, the gang runs into your house and steals your children, making them slaves in their labor camps, sorting out their days loot.

That was a run on sentence.

Do your chores

Art Blomquist said...

It's a custom to make custom costumes customarily scary. Have fun tonight!

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