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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just have to say it

Miss me? Sure. . . I was just checking back in. Some of you have been rather busy this week. So have I.

The reason I am posting this morning is because I do have something that I am itching to say. I realize that what I am about to say will loose me friends, and I am sorry that we can't get along and are willing to allow each other to express ourselves without completely shunning one another.

I just got an email from Free Press. This is an organization that is attempting to reform the media. They claim to be bipartisan, however if you look at their website you will see this is not true. This email was about Glenn Beck. Now to be honest I don't agree with everything the man says, so keep those wonderful sheep comments to yourself. I listen to many different people and their opinions. I am not a conservative, nor a Republican, as I have mentioned before. However this email annoyed me. For an organization that wants to reform the media, that wants to be so bipartisan, why are they wanting me to sign a letter to the President that Glenn Beck doesn't speak for me? Why is it placed on our heads to make the most powerful man in the free world at ease?

This email goes on to say that Mr. Beck is participating in Modern Day McCarthyism. To an extent, he might have. However, there is no need to put the "Modern day" in front of the word McCarthyism. This practice by our own Government has never ceased. In the late 1980's, 20 years after my mother was arrested with Mao's Little Red Book in hand, the FBI has visited us on more than one occasion. And preceded to question us. What threat was our little suburban household? A big one according to the Bureaus.

My mother was not a Communist. She as well as the rest of us in that house were Marxists. See I grew up with people like Van Jones and Cas Sustern. I was taught to think that way. I would listen as they would lecture and discuss how we could get Universal Health care, how we should distribute the wealth, how a civil war could and when it should be started. I learned who in higher ranking (at the time) officials were on our, The Marxists, side. Guns were evil, yet we had to have them to fight the upcoming class war. Sterilents in the water? Not a new idea. We were not Nazi's. We didn't hate anyone because of their race, we hated them because of their success. No one should be allowed to have so much money, especially white men. They should be made to pay 100% taxes on all their income, and that should be handed over to those without work. Greed itself was not evil, Karl Marx was a Capitalist, it was who had the capital that was evil.

Now we go back to what Glenn Beck has said, forget that part, Listen to what Van Jones has said in his own words. There is no McCarthyism going on there. He has declared it loud and proud, that he is, not was, is a Communist. He has on more than one occasion spewed words that I heard around a kitchen table. Marx would be proud.

Now this entire thing has been turned around to become a "smear campaign" claiming that one man is more powerful than our President. A Commentary Reporter by the name of Glenn Beck. He did not force Van Jones to resign. He was the only one talking about Van Jones and his very recent past. But this one man apparently has so much power that he forced Van Jones' hand. Even the President was unable to decline his resignation. Does this not sound ridiculous to anyone else?

The email goes on to say;

Surveys show that most Americans want health care reform, good schools and clean air. But if you watch Glenn Beck's show, you would think the opposite is true: that the only proponents of these ideas are dangerous, anti-American radicals operating out of the White House basement.

This is completely untrue. (except for the first sentence) I have admitted on several occasions that I watch the Glenn Beck show. I also listen to NPR and some other things. This statement clearly shows that the person writing this email has not watched the entire program without preconceived notions.

Beck has a First Amendment right to stoke fear and prejudice -- and we're not asking for him to be censored or silenced. But we all have a responsibility to condemn his behavior and defend the public servants and innocent people who are being attacked. This is not about censorship... It's about sanity.

Here is the problem with the above, Free Press is suppose to be advocating media reform. The Van Jones' story wasn't something that had to be dug for, not like what Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward had to do. If you are for reforming the media, what about finding out the facts, those that would support your bashing of the media who you are against. Some actual reporting to backup your claims, like what Beck has done. Mr. Beck found some information and ran with it, just like any responsible news caster or journalist should do. If the information was incorrect, then another journalist should have done the same. But none did. All I have read or seen is how all of this is Mr. Beck's fault.

As I said, I grew up a Marxist. And I can tell you that people like me are dangerous once we get into power. I would never run for office of any kind. Just because I left that life over 15 years ago, doesn't mean that it doesn't influence me in my daily life. I try hard not to fall back into those beliefs, because I no longer feel that they are correct. I believe that Mao and Marx lived in a fantasy world, that their Utopia would only last so long before mass executions must happen to keep that status quo. I like debating, I like the moshing, I like that there are so many people out there that can voice their opinions without fear. What I don't like is the self righteous, power hungry, the dangerous ideas that Mao and Marx propagated. It only takes a little time after people like them fall into power that we have Stalin or the Nazi movement. Utopia can not be reached if not everyone is on the band wagon. And the same goes for the complete opposite, the super Conservatives. I don't wish to live in their world either. But we seem to have to put up with both, just to balance things out. Thank goodness for checks and balances.

This is my opinion, this was what I grew up with. I am sorry if you no longer can hang out here because of my post.


Anonymous said...

Good posting. I have to say that I am a bit opposite of you politically in that I am mostly conservative yet I'm not a Republican. I have listened to Glenn Beck but I don't like everything he has to say and believe that he often goes overboard sometimes when he speaks. I served in the government, through the military, for 20 years. Having worked for them, I don't trust them one bit and it matters not whether they are Democrat or Republican. What we have today is a clamp down on dissent towards those in power which I feel is very un-American. Both parties try very hard to suppress free speech and to intrude upon our private lives. You don't have to agree with what a person says but no one should interfere with their right to express their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Beck sucks. He is controlled opposition. Communism, Socialism, Marxism never work. They sound good in theory, but never play out in the real world. A free market republic only works. I don't think it was because of Beck that Van Jones resigned. I don't even care. I respect the fact that Van Jones was a 9/11 "truther." Some say our country is moving twords socialism. I say we're already past that! We're redistributing the wealth (stealing from the poor and giving to the rich). What we're experiencing right now is total government takeover of every part of our lives. Both parties in America are the same. No difference. Real change will come from outside of the political establishment. The people must put their foot down at some point and say NO.

Interesting about your upbringing Phelan. Thank you for sharing that.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

Awesome post

Here's a free download of Albert Jay Nock's "Our Enemy the State." which should be required reading for everyone before they turn 18. Written about 65 years ago, nothing has changed.


Kelle said...

PTL for free speech, even if the gooberment tries to reign it in. You have the right to express your views and if someone doesn't agree they have the right to express theirs or stop reading/ listening.

Personally I lean more to the conservative side of politics but I am not a Republican. I'm a Patriot who is watching this great country die a slow death.
I don't watch Glenn Beck often, but feel at least he has the brass balls to say what he thinks and doesn't back down, no matter how much pressure is put on him. I don't agree with him 100%, more like 60%. I give him credit at least he seems to be waking up the sheople and is making them aware of what has been happening over the last several decades, while they were all caught up in keeping up with the Jones's.

You didn't offend me,there are ALWAYS two sides to a story, and it is OUR duty to take a look at both, before we decide.

Phelan said...

matthiasj, it's interesting you bring that up, redistubution in the form of the wealthy taking from the poor. One of the goals is to create a class war. I was taught that for one to accomplish this, that the middle class had to disappear. To force them out, you have to put sympathizers into high positions, with the understanding that they were "safe". Then you pillage and decrease the middle class as rapidly as possible. This started years ago, and I am not in anyway that this is something new and only happening now. Once you have the middle class close to eradication, you can start picking fights so to speak. Some of the things I see happening, are things I was taught to watch for, in the public arena.

Phelan said...

The thing is, it isn't about Beck. He does indeed have some balls and he does ted to umm... overreach might be the appropriate word. The point is that when even a media reform group places too much power and blame onto one individual without doing their own research and journalism. Instead of facts, they themselves begin doing the same thing that they claim others are doing.

This annoys me greatly.

Ares said...

goot post. I enjoyed reading it!!

Irma said...

Girl, listen: You get to believe what you believe. I get to believe what I believe. Sometimes? We will believe the same things, and sometimes we will disagree. IT'S ALL GOOD.

If I only wanted to "talk to" people who saw everything the exact same way I did, I'd stand in front of my mirror all day.

John Umland said...

i saw a great T-shirt with Che on it but over his head was written Communism killed 100 million people and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
God is good

HermitJim said...

The very fact that we have the freedom to voice our opinions in a place like this, an open forum, with everyone being respectful and why this country has lasted as long as it has.

Honest discussions from both sides should always be welcomed, and both sides should always have their say!

That, in my opinion, is true freedom!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Good post Phelan.

Beck should feel honored. Bet he didn't realize he had that much influence as to make the President nervous. I don't agree with everything he says, but I am of the opinion that he makes more sense than most of the cronies in DC. Well, that's not saying much because most anyone would make more sense than them. I'm of the opinion that, in the next election, we should fire them all and elect people who can remember who they work for!

The Craftivist said...

I've been lurking on your blog for awhile but haven't yet posted a comment. But I felt the need to respond to this last post. I have to say, I agree with you. I personally don't care about Glenn Beck one way or the other. I think he makes some good points and sometimes he's way over the top. What disturbs me is this attempt by the Government to silence any and all dissention. Personally I don't know if I'm on the same end of the political spectrum as you are...I'm fiscally conservative and socially moderate, but like other commenters here, I don't trust either party. I think both are interested in power at the cost of freedom. I appreciate that you talked about it on here even though you were worried that it may lose you some friends. Great post.

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

I still love your blog & will continue to visit. Your post was an interesting & informative read. I, personally, love Glenn Beck & am a Republican. I also love open debate & discussion so thanks again for your voice. Where I grew up, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is where the right to a Free Press was first fought. Google search Joseph Howe, Halifax to read about his speach fighting for just this right.

Jacob said...

Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to make this post. I admire your moxey.

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Hey Phelan, Have I ever told you I love you? A good political rant is a nice thing to read once in a while. Thanks for your perspective. ... The Fascists exist at all ends of the spectrum- Left, Right and Outer Space too.

Eagerly waiting for your blogging return & hope all is well in Kansas.

PS- County fair today. Your Lilac Jelly recipe won a first place for me!

Marie Sherman said...

I have a new theory. Television shows who have hosts like Glenn Beck and others are a lot like professional wrestling. When my daughter was 10, she firmly believed that professional wrestling was real, that the men really hit each other with chairs, that all the drama was true. She was pretty sad when she learned it was staged. Now days, most of television is staged. The conservative channels, the liberal channels pitted against each other and it feels a lot like a reality TV show. I doubt very much that these commentators truly believe the ideology they profess. They will say what they need to say to improve their ratings. It's a rating game for billions of dollars so you can forget about fair, impartial or balanced reporting. This is shock TV and show business baby! And we are still sitting in front of it routing for our "good guy”. I think I have a hard time believing anything related to news any more. I will stick with Andy Griffith. At least if I am in a fantasy world, it’s a pleasant one :)

Anonymous said...

I am new to your side. I also am not a repub and I used tro listen to Glen Beck. He now has gone over the edge and I don't listen anymore. My family were Democrats when I was growing up. My Dad had been in Korea and also have bad feelings about the government. He never trusted them.
BTW I like your site.

Cheryl in Houston

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