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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Are you my mother?

Last night I went out to milk 3 ladies. I discovered that Winona and Winston are both nursing from Eddie (Winston's mom). Now wonder I am only getting 1/2 pint from Uma every evening. Guess I need to milk her twice a day, and build that supply up.


Anonymous said...

How funny is that! =)

Donna said...

I've had that happen a couple of times, where a calf would nurse his own mother and another as well.

Years ago I remember seeing our neighbor's herd bull sneaking up behind cows whose calves were nursing, and helping himself to milk by nursing from behind them. Hilarious, since he was bigger than all the cows in the herd.

Wang said...

Isn’t that neat? The animal kingdom is amazing in how it adapts when it comes to mothering. I have had dogs adopt baby piglets (the negative on that is the pigs think their dogs) and cats adopt another cat’s whole litter.

Killi said...

I have a weaned kitten feeding from my only unneutered bitch. Piri had her litter 12th October 2008 & has had the canine contraceptive injection every 6 months since. The kitten (or kip as we re categorized her) had to suckle well for ages before she brought the milk back in... Kip has been suckling for months now ~ she started before the pups were a year & is still going.

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