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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I keep my demons with my friends

Alarm goes off before 530 am.

Tried to wake Large, who decides to yell at me "Don't yell at me!" umm. . . I wasn't yelling. After about 5minutes of hearing this, I start yelling. "If you are not up at the count of 5! You'll get a glass of cold water dumped on you!" I swear I wasn't yelling at him until that moment.

Noticed that the coffee maker isn't working. Find my stove top perk, and discover it's been gutted. Have to use it to heat the water, than pour it over the coffee in the automatic drip that is no longer automatic. And then I find out that for some reason the electric start on the stove isn't working and have to light it manually. (yes, everything is getting power to it)

I walk past the back door, which we leave the doors wide open at night, due to how cool the nights in Kansas get, and found our kitten dead on the porch.

All this before 6am.

This, can you see this? Can you say electrical fire? I know you can. This would be the reason we have no running water and why I have to use a hand pump to get any water. We were lucky that this little bobble doesn't touch anything under the house. However the water that came squirting out of this little device has shorted out the lights in both our bathrooms. We got lucky. Now I know why I smelled burning plastic yesterday morning, and here I just thought our dog Buckets, had pooped in here some where.

Can I just say that I am not looking forward to the rest of this day?

(trying to get medium up now. He wanted up at 6am, but I didn't do that, and now is throwing a hissy fit)


Donna said...

I hate those kind of days. It's one thing after another and you wonder when it's going to end.
I hope your day gets better!!

Anonymous said...

When I was a youngun, I tried that with my mom. Boy, did I get a "talking to" from my Dad!!!! He let me know right quick that my mom was doing me a favor and getting up was my responsibility and no one elses. I can still remember it vividly today.

The Thinker said...

My Little has been waking me up at the ungodliest of hours for the last (almost) six years! Now it is my turn for revenge. LOL I go in each morning at 5:30 so he can get ready for school.

It's funny to see him burry his head under the covers wanting to sleep. All this time I have been thinking he was allergic to sleep!

**sigh** I tried and tried to tell him that one day he was going to wish he'd spent more time sleeping. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that could've been bad. That you guys are okay.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Martha Ann said...

Your plate is really loaded right now. I'm hoping every one cooperates with you today to make things a little easier. I'm so sorry about the kitten.

Martha Ann

HermitJim said...

Too much excitement so early in the morning...take a coffee break and have a cookie!

Hope the day gets better, my friend!

Janelle said...

I'm having that day too, I want to go back to bed. . . is it over yet? :(

Killi said...

Was that burnt out thing under your trailer? A friend (recently widowed with 7 childer, 3 under 5) was made homeless in the new year, was lent a trailer on Site & that was torched on Monday. We were coming back after reporting the theft of her stud stallion to see the thick black smoke & then the flames & melting shell of the static. The most frightening thing was that 1 of her sons had removed the sleeping baby minutes before. He took the baby to another trailer & walked back only to see everything burning. Thank God/Providence that that thing just burnt itself out.

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