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Sunday, July 26, 2009


We have a tie on the Riddles.

First here are the answers

1 Video Game console

2 Wizard

3 Farmer (sorry couldn't take hand or wife)

4 Fork

5 Stove

6 Tailgating

7 Chair ( I took rocking chair also)

8 Birthday

9 Cellar

10 Roadkill

The tie is between The Thinker and Julie

here are your sudden death questions

For The Thinker: She used her mouth to get me started, but after I got going, I did it again and again and again. Toward the end though, I did get a little softer. What am I?

For Julie: When you hold me tight and press me against your belly, I can vibrate hard enough to get your rocks off. Once you find my trigger, I'm so loud, everyone can hear me. What am I?

~I can hear the Jeopardy music, can't you?~

Good luck!


Judy said...

You're doing great! I hope your back is doing better.

Phelan said...

still hurts. Thank you for asking.

The Thinker said...

Woeee is meeeeeeee. I thought I'd have til 8 to answer the last q. Set my alarm and everything! LOL Got to take my little B school clothes shopping today. That is not a job for the under-slept. Hmmm...

Seems my brain doesn't come up with snappy answers as well at 7 in the morning. (Proof I'm a night person.)

Bubble gum is all I can think of!

Julie said...

Is mine a jackhammer?

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