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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sing Along- songs pre-1919


THAT time when Bob got throwed
I thought I sure would bust.
I like to died a-laffin'
To see him chewin' dust.
He crawled on that Andy bronc
And hit him with a quirt.
The next thing that he knew
He was wallowin' in the dirt.
Yes, it might a-killed him,
I heard the old ground pop;
But to see if he was injured
You bet I didn't stop.
I just rolled on the ground
And began to kick and yell;
It like to tickled me to death
To see how hard he fell.
'Twarn't more than a week ago
That I myself got throwed,
(But 'twas from a meaner horse
Than old Bob ever rode).

D'you reckon Bob looked sad and said,
"I hope that you ain't hurt!"
Naw! He just laffed and laffed and laffed
To see me chewin' dirt.
I've been prayin' ever since
For his horse to turn his pack;
And when he done it, I'd a laffed
If it had broke his back.
So I was still a-howlin'
When Bob, he got up lame;
He seen his horse had run clean off
And so for me he came.
He first chucked sand into my eyes,
With a rock he rubbed my head,
Then he twisted both my arms,—
"Now go fetch that horse," he said.
So I went and fetched him back,
But I was feelin' good all day;
For I sure enough do love to see
A feller get throwed that way.
Our horse Sammy on the left. Her papered name is Seminole Wind.


Marina said...

She's a pretty girl!

Kymber said...

sooo beautiful!!!
seems like you are holding up just fine Phelan...good on ya!!!

Linda said...

Here is a silly song to cheer you up a bit.

Sorry you're in pain. :(

How many hours to go, now?

Phelan said...

Thank you guys. She's smart too. :D

Linda, thank you for the link. It will take me awhile to get it going, slow dial up. I have 8 hours left.

American Prepper said...

Keep up the good work...I'm still checking in

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