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Monday, July 06, 2009

No longer a Heifer


Born on July 4th 2009
We are calling her Louma for now. But this year the letter is W.

Mother and daughter
Uma and daughter
3/4 of the way down her tail, she has a white ring. She is already showing signs of being a handful. Doesn't want to lay around much, and is very happy to wonder away from her mother as fast as her wobbly legs will allow.

Uma is her mother and Lot is her father. Remember Lot?

Yesterday the other heifer, Urth, went running to see the calf. Uma chased her down. It reminded me of sisters fighting over a new toy.

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1 comment:

Janelle said...

WOOHOO!! He's 2 for 2 on heifers, too bad he's off to the freezer this fall. Congrats.

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