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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've been neglectful

I am still very sore. I have been stretching and all that jazz, but it doesn't seem to be getting much better. Of course I must aggravate it more and more everyday by doing simple chores.

I have been bringing in some HUGE squashes over the last few days. I will have to update my side bar on harvest amounts. My scale is broken as is my food processor. Making things a little harder to do.

I have been waking up with nightmares every night, and I can't tell you what they are about. I know it has to do with stress.

Some one is making meth in our area. You can't smell it on our homestead but when we go riding you can smell it about a 1/2 mile down. I can't pinpoint where exactly it is coming from, but meth manufacturing has a distinct smell, once you smelled it and know what it is, you never forget it.

Good neighbor told me the other day that the new neighbor (the one I told you about with the dogs that attack our horses and horses that get out and almost run down children on a weekly basis) might be cock fighting. One of their roosters had escaped and ended up at good neighbor's. He scooped it up. Now good neighbor's father, back when cock fights weren't illegal, use to raise and fight them. He has a good idea what it looks like and he suspects it's going on. The horse barn that the new neighbors built, I had questioned. It is slightly odd, not sure how to explain it really, there is no ventilation, or windows or anything like that in it. The shape seems off some how. It was explained to me that it was for training race horses. They keep them locked in that barn for 23 hours a day with no sunlight, and only take them out for training 1 hour a day. That seems wrong to me. But I am new to this horse thing. Good neighbor told me that not many people train like that anymore, and those barns are perfect for cock fighting. I hate being suspicious.


Wren said...

I'm sorry you are still hurting. Hope it clears up soon.

We had neighbors like that too. Drove me crazy!! We actually have a handful of customers from when they broke up a fight outside of town a couple of weeks ago.

If you can send me Julie's address, or email, or a link to her blog, I'll get in touch with her so that I can send her picture before I forget!

Feel better soon. And hug everyone for me!!!

Donna said...

Lots of our butternut squash are getting ready to pick now. Love, love, love them!

We have to fence our garden to keep the neighbors' horses out of it, because they get loose on a regular basis.

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