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Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't you love, how I break

With the time change, and it not getting dark until after 9pm, we have been having some late nights. We aren't eating dinner until 10pm some nights. Wake before dawn, sleep after sunset, I think I am now tired.

It is one of those "work! There is still day light" things. We don't wear watches, bad things can happen if you get caught in something, and the strap decides not to break. Kind of like my husband doesn't wear a wedding band. This upsets many people, but we explain that wedding bands can mean a loss of a finger in his line of work. And he is always working, the only time he would wear it would be to eat or sleep. I however do where mine because I don't go digging around in machinery.

We use to live in Hutch (Hutchinson in non Kansas speak) and we had a friend up there that was an EMT. Prior to that he worked on cars and other machines. He had lost and reattached more fingers than he had. Rebuilding a cars transmission can be a problem for those little digits. I always worried about my husband, he came close one time, when a transmission slipped, he had to have a few stitches, but never lost a finger. He has many open wounds on his hands from working on motorcycles and tractors. Washing them in solvent hurts a bit.

My injuries have been less, I have been shocked by things, dislocated both my shoulders, tore tendons in said shoulders, some cuts that probably needed stitches, chemicals in face, and lots of severely sprained ankles. I have actually done more damage to myself as a child then as an adult. Learned from my mistakes I guess. Because I haven't broken any bones since my youth.

Moving to the farmstead causes even more challenges when it comes to injuries. Larger machines, and 2 hours for EMS to arrive kind of puts the fright into you. A boy down the road from the farmstead saved his grandfather's life by placing a tourniquet on the stub that was once his grandfather arm. He had got caught in a swather. Losing a limb seems to be common practice in the sticks, sorry boonies, we were informed our farm is in the sticks. We have to be very vigilant and never get complacent out there. even here, a farmer has lost his life due to farm equipment.

And I have no idea how I even got on this subject. How I write posts is find a title, most the time it is a lyric to a song I heard the previous day, then start writing about something. Today I just kind of went in a different direction than I thought I would. One things leads to another I guess.


Jessica said...

My uncle lost his lower leg in a haymowing accident as a teenager. It did keep him out of Korea, though, so I guess you take your blessings where you can get them.

HermitJim said...

I had so many of my relatives working in the oil fields back in the 50's and 60's that missing digits seemed to be the cost of membership into my extended family. Losing a finger or more seemed to happen quite a bit back then, maybe it still does...

Hope you and DH stay safe on the farmstead, but I'm sure that you can handle most of the minor stuff as you have a lot of hard learned experience...

Meadowlark said...

I admit I didn't read past "many people get upset". Why? Are they married to him? Unless they are, I think they should BUTT OUT!!!

Of course, this is a topic that is near and dear, as Husband jumped off the side of his helicopter and his ring caught up, luckily it un-caught (not a word) and he didn't lose a finger, but they did have to cut the ring out from under the flesh.

Send the next "upset" person my way and I'll kick their ass for you. GRRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why people get hung up about the bands. *shrugs* I am not married yet I wear one when waiting tables - keeps most of the bar flys away. =)

Anonymous said...

Both of my husbands work[ed] around heavy machinery and neither wore wedding bands for the reasons you state.

Though I cannot imagine it upsetting anyone among our friends and family - who does it upset in your world? Because they obviously don't care about his digits. Just silly.

Phelan said...

People that know us aren't upset. Mainly it is people on the outside that know we are bikers. Bikers are not known through various media to be a faithful bunch, and some people feel that having him not wear a ring is giving permission for him to cheat. I have gotten a few lectures on it.

FancyHorse said...

My husband worked in industry, and didn't wear his ring. He does now that he's retired.

I get a rash on my ring finger sometimes, and wear it on a chain around my neck when it flares up.

I hope you all don't have any serious accidents.

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Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

My husband never wanted a wedding ring, he doesn't wear jewellery at all. I rarely wear mine, my fingers swell and these days the ring is a little tight anyway. It doesn't bother either of us, it doesn't take a ring to remind us we are married.

My Grandmother had to have her ring cut off because her finger swelled so much from an injury, she was one of those "you don't take your wedding off for anything" people. So her precious ring ended up ruined.

One of my cousins made such a fuss once when her husband came home from work without his ring. He had one of those 'wear a ring, lose a finger' jobs, she was upset that he even considered taking the ring off for anything.

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