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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have. . . I can't. . . oh my

It's a girl!

Everyone welcome the newest player in my little drama,



in the mud

I will tell you more tomorrow.
(no worries I got her dried off and out of the mud)


SkippyMom said...

I love how nonchalant Momma cow is. "Oh, did I just give birth? Well, I will just go and eat now. Thank you!"

She is an adorable calf. Congrats.

Judy T said...

Congrats! She looks BIG.

Melonie said...

Mama does look a little detached. Make sure she doesn't have PPD. I'm pretty sure I looked that way when I ate grass after my first child.

Er, I mean, a hospital breakfast.

All funnies aside - this is AWESOME! Love her name. :-) Something tells me her mama (and a lot of us homesteady types) are gonna need a lot of courage in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

She shore are purty.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than a new baby calf. My cows would never have let me get that close to their baby. I've actually been chased out of the field by the protective mothers. Their attitude changes completely when they have new borns. Glad yours is so calm. Good luck and enjoy!
Small Farm Girl

Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

I want one...Got no place to keep one but I want one. What a cutie, even with the mud!

The Thinker said...

How beautiful!! Moooo :D


alrescate said...

Congratulations! (But she already looks too big to cuddle.)

dana said...

mother. courage.
congratulations, phelan. she looks adorable.

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