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Monday, January 05, 2009

A Series of Very Mundane Events

The car broke, yet again. It keeps throwing the alternator belts. My husband has looked it over several times, not finding why it would be doing that. So something must be happening for only that brief moment. Because of this, I was stranded on the homestead all weekend, unable to do any of my errands.

Saturday that couple with the Dexters came out. I actually called them, because I happened to see a dexter calf for sale on Craigslist (I just like looking), and panicked slightly. It was their calf, but not the bull. We chatted a bit, and she informed me that she would like to come see the milking stanchion. She is ready to start milking, and wanted to see how I did it. I told her it wasn't anything special, it was just some old bunk bed parts. This interested her more. I told her anytime. An hour later, she calls me back, they were wanting to come out now. They arrived with all six of their kids. We were quite the parade, with my kids and their's, marching out to the barn. They really liked it, and mentioned seeing a metal bunk bed free on cragslist.

Good neighbor decided it was too windy to start a fire, and we didn't roast the goat. Also he had to have his truck towed home. Lucky for us, our Chevy still runs (67 pick-up) it has no tail lights, and no tags, so we can't leave the dirt roads, but we really needed green wheat. Good Neighbor and my husband hooked the small wood trailer to the truck and left. On their way home, the tire came off the trailer, they dragged it home. There was still 1 bale left to pick up, so they cleaned out the back of the truck and returned to the farmers field. I then receive a phone call from the field. Turns out the truck died, they needed farmer's phone number so he could head out and jump them. umm. . . the number was last seen going into my husband's pocket. Great! They had to hoof it.

My 4 year old cut his own hair, and after I fixed that, my 7 year old come in with bangs. He had cut his own hair as well! Come on boys, all you had to do was ask.

Mama some how managed to break her ear tag. This is one of the reasons we don't use those plastic tags. Eddie had ripped out both of them before we bought her, and Mama had one of them missing. I know better than attempting to hold Mama down and try to remove the tag, luckily her ear hasn't been hurt because of it.

Sunberries: I want to talk about sunberries. I spent a large amount of time, attempting to find info on these guys. I discovered that there are a number of plants with this name, the one I am talking about it the Solanum Burbankii.


I found out that they are grown like peppers and tomatoes, but are finicky about germination. What I wanted to know was how long germination took. Yesterday I got my answer. 2 of the 12 popped up. It takes at least 1 week to germinate. I will let you know when the last one pops up. No one probably cares but me, but that has never stopped me for posting about something before.


HermitJim said...

Just another day of never ending fun, huh? Somedays seems like we get snakebit by a whole bushel of snakes!

Hope everything settles down for ya...

VADutchman said...

I will come out of the woodwork long enough to admit to share your interest in "Sunberries", although I know them as "Wonderberries", with seed obtained from Baker Creek Seeds two years ago. I had started them as an alternative to huckleberries, which needed to be cooked/sugared to eat. Germination was fine, but the berries were tasteless! I am wondering if I grew them in deficient soil or I tried the berries too early or too late. This past year I had a lot of them pop up around the garden as volunteers, but don't know how they fared/tasted. You will have to post your results on growing and whether you liked them - and I might give them another try!

Annette said...

I have never heard of Sunberries. How do you use them? How do they taste, etc. From VADutchman, taste does not look hopeful??

The Bumble Bee Studio said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic .... made me laugh. poor sheepie !!! HA !!!

happy new year !!!


Gail said...

After your wonderful day, you are watching seeds sprout? I have never heard of sunberries but from the husks and stems they look like a tomato family. Are they?
I have given myself a haircut, can you help me?
You always make me smile!

VADutchman said...

According to what I have read, Wonderberries/sunberries (solanum burbankii) are supposed to be a good alternative for the garden huckleberries. The garden huckleberries (according to Baker Creek seeds) needed to be cooked and sugared, but with a three year old and a five year old, the advertised ready-to-eat nature of wonderberries was more appealing. I though about this more last night, and will give these another shot last night. We didn't get to go down to the farm a lot that year and there are a lot of potential reasons why the berries I tried may have been off, so I don't want to tar them unfairly. And correct on the tomato family resemblance - these babies are also members of the nightshade family.

Phelan said...

I got the sunberries, because they are suppose to rival blueberries, and I have horrid soil for blueberries. They are a member of the nightshade family, you can not eat anything on the plant, except for the fully ripened berries. I will let you know more when I know for sure. According to everything I could fine, they don't start maturing until 2 years old, so I will be awhile.

Laurel from Simple Spoonful said...

Interesting. They look a lot like my chichequelite plant here in AZ, whose berries I enjoy on a regular basis. (Yes, they do taste faintly tomatoe-y.) Looks like the same family, Solanum, but different specifics. My plant, by the way, does offer edible leaves...but only if they are cooked, never eaten raw.

And I have quite a few berries setting right now. (Yes, it's February, but I live in Phoenix.) I will also say that mine benefited a lot from a good pruning; it was getting awfully sprawly at the end of year 1. Enjoy!

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