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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter Project #1

By now most of you already know about the Phelan Box, if not, you must be new and I welcome you to my little part of the world. Those that aren't new and have no idea what I am talking about, where have you been? You are missing the coolest craze evah! Ok, no more about the box, I am going to lecture you today on modual planting. Yes lecture, now sit down and keep quiet, I will take questions at the end, and take notes, there will be a quiz on this later.

Modular planting 101

Welcome, I am your proffesor, Phelan. Don't care how you spell it as long as you pronounce it correctly. (sorry having flashbacks).

What is modular planting, it's a lot like bookshelf plants, but cusotmized for your pleasure. Take a moment and look around the room you are sitting in, notice something?

You in the back with the green hair.

Did you catch that? She was right, what you should be noticing is that the corners of the rooms are not being utilized correctly. Here my dear students is where you will be placing your modules.

Most people do not use their squared or in my case, rectangular homes efficiently when it comes to stuffing as much junk, I mean stuff, into them. There are a lot of hard corners that can be used, ones that get natural light, and those that don't. Building selves into these poorly used corners will help you find a place inside your tiny apartment or lavish home where you thought none existed.

You can buy premade corner shelves or, join me in Winter project #1 and build one or two. Rod's Wood Working Shop as free plans on building your own corner shelf. What he is lacking in his plans is how to turn it into a planter.

You need white paint, reflective white paint. You do not need to cover the entire shelf in white, only the underside of the shelves, this is where you will mount your lights. You can use specialty lights, like gro bulbs, or a mix of fluorescent and iridescent lighting. Keep your lighting at least 8 inches from your plants, and use a timer to give them the correct amount of light.

Use whatever wood you have on hand.

There you have your first winter project. Now go out and make me proud.

1 comment:

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

great style of writing. you managed to take a topic I was not really interested in and I read the whole thing with bated interest!

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