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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Ingalls Moment

I had my very first Little House moment yesterday. That one brief moment when you think, didn't I see this episode? My youngest is in Pre-K. Yesterday it was snowing here, and the wind was fierce. I bundled my 4 year old up as well as myself and we headed out to wait for the bus. And as we stood there, our backs to the blowing snow, our faces wrapped in scarfs, our mittens tucked into our coats, I watched the snow blow across the road, wiping through our driveway and across the field, I thought I saw this episode. I could never walk away from this. Of course the Ingalls girls never waited on a bus, nor did they were a coat that said Harley Davidson, but, oh you guys know the blizzard episode. I think it was the scarfs that did it for me.

Onto other things. Some clarifications if you don't read comments. First, we called the bank as soon as we realized that we weren't going to be able to pay, like we thought we were. They never called us. We were trying to do the right thing. Second, because it was asked and since you are being so wonderful about this, the all or nothing price to keep the homestead after Christmas is $1537. As I type this, you have raised, $1337.00. I am flabbergasted, awwed, unable to say what I really want. The only thing that seems right, is that I am blessed. And Thank you, I am humbled.

I told my husband last night. I didn't get the response I was expecting. But than I was foolish in thinking I would get a reaction other than the one I got. He just stood there with an odd look on his face, and gave me a quick hug. It caught me off guard, but when I think about it, it does make sense. For those of you that haven't been reading very long I will tall you about my husband. He grew up living in a car in Denver Colorado. Poverty is something that he knows well. For the first time in his life he was successful. His name is well known in the motorcycle industry. And then all this happened. It is hard not to feel like you are worthy of nothing more than being poor when you grow up that way, try to get out of it doing something you love, only to find yourself right back in that car. He has been feeling like he should no longer be that good person. He feels like he keeps getting shit on (sorry for the word, but I did use it correctly). It takes him longer to see that he is being used, that's why he has me around. Recently our squatter (guess this is something else I neglected to share) bailed without paying his rent, 2 months of rent to be exact. That hurt my husband, because despite what we were told, we gave this man a chance. My husband doesn't want to give anyone else a chance. We have done it before and been burned. Ha! But we keep doing it. My point is, he is not use to people doing for him what he has done for others, neither am I for that matter. We can deal with rejection, acceptance is a whole nother matter. He wants to know what the strings are. Although he hasn't actually asked that. But this many people doing something for someone they haven't met, well it isn't normal. And you guys know that, so please don't fault him for it. I told him, it was a pay it forward situation, and told him about the deal I made. That made him feel a little better about it. He doesn't want to owe all of you, but if we can clear our debt to you, by helping out another family that we don't know when the time comes, than he accepts the help. He is a very proud man. I guess I might be on the verge of rambling here.

Thank you again. I find myself crying every time I open my emails. It is hard to wrap my thoughts around all this help. It indeed makes me humble.

oh wait, I do have to wiggle for you for a moment, before I forget. A question has been asked.

Do you wash your eggs? And how does one keep them from getting dirty in the nesting boxes?

Do not wash your eggs if you are not selling them. If you are selling them, wash well then you need to dip them in oil. The dirtiness keeps the pores of the eggs clogged so that bacteria doesn't get into them, if you wash them, you open those pores, hence oiling them afterwards. You should be able to just brush off any dirt with your fingers. Always wash your eggs before using. As for getting dirty in the nest, keep the litter clean and gather them several times a day. They will still get dirty, those things just happen.


Howling Hill said...

I'm so glad to know we were able to assist you, Phelan and family. All the assistance and advice you've given us of the years has been invaluable. Thank you for accepting!

This is proof positive that good people do exist. You just don't hear about them because the news focuses on bad stuff. You know "if it bleeds it leads" mentality.

amanda o said...

that is an amazing total! and in only 2 days! it gives me such a good feeling to know that there are indeed still kind, thoughtful people out there!
please do not feel any need to justify your husband's reaction...mine would have likely been the same, if not worse. it is hard to comprehend why people who have never met would help eachother this way...and it is so normal to wonder what the strings are. i understand completely. my husband (and myself) hate feeling indebted to anyone...but please assure him that there is no debt owed here, we simply want to see your family's dreams move forward. you all have worked so hard and given so much to us.

Anonymous said...

good luck reaching your goal. sent $10.

Anonymous said...

Here I was, come to tell you that I cannot send anything this week, but will next week and look at that!!! I have no doubt you'll have your payment before we have access to our bank acct again (more ID theft. *sigh*) I am very happy for you and your family phelan.

It makes me think more of the episode with the tornado...or the one where he gets hurt and the neighbors come and get the fields planted for him so the Ingalls can stay in Walnut Grove.

Take care! And I'm glad you're crying for a different reason now. :)

mojosmom said...

Phelan, you and your husband have worked so hard! I'd hate to see your work fail because of those #$*%&#^ at BofA. I just wish what I could give you more. But every little bit helps - obviously!

Anonymous said...

You know, I had to laugh reading you're DH's reaction. I had the same "what's the catch" reaction yesterday during a phone call where my DH was telling me he got a nice bonus from his job. However I know that while there may be a "catch" in the future (sorry don't trust DH's company) I truely belive the timing was not just chance as I had just finished reading your post and was wondering if we had any extra this week I could use to pay for educational services provided.

Funny thing is the money had been in our account since last friday, but because I was "hiding" from doing bills (things have been really tight, and I don't like reality ;-) ) I didn't see it untill DH's boss told him it was there. If I'd been a responsible person and actually paid bills on payday, the money would have already been sent off to pay down a debt.

So your pay it forward attitude started before you. Please make sure you keep some extra so you still have you're holiday money

Antof9 said...

A friend of mine is in Mongolia, and she recently wrote on her blog that they don't refrigerate their eggs ... and then talked about the washing too!

I'm SO glad you have enough. SO SO glad!

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