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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I guess I really didn't tell you how the food tasting went. It went ok. Not as many people as we have had in the past, but I did make some new friends when I broke out the Molasses Spice Cookies. I handed one to one of the vendors, he took a bite and I thought something had gone terribly wrong. I couldn't describe the look he had, and when I asked if it was ok, he looked at me and said, "I'm speechless." Than made all kinds of nummy nummy noises as he ate the rest of the cookie. He then asked if he could take a cookie to his friends, I said he could, and as he handed them over he said to his friends, I want to see the look on your faces when your try this. One of his friends works for a well known natural food store, and she is taking these cookies in. Fingers crossed for a contract with them. My mother tried these cookies for the first time and informed me that they were so good they were evil. Thanks mom, love you too.

There is another food tasting in Wichita on Dec 6th. Email me if you are interested in attending. Also if there are any artist out there, email me if you want to be included in an Christian Artisan open House. I will get you all the contact info for that event.

Now we move on to what the subject line eludes to. Our baby boy. My husband and I have been thinking about what to do with him. We have time, so not a big hurry, but it is weighing on us. Part of us says that we should keep him. Things happen for a reason, and his unexpected birth gives us pause. Were we meant to have him to eat, or is he here for another reason. He defied the odds and was born despite his mother being given something to cause her to miscarry. He is a darling little boy, his moo sounds like a creaky door. Of course we are falling in love with him, but that doesn't mean we can't eat him because of that. We care for all our animals, bond and love them even though we know what their future holds. But we have time to make a decision, even if baby boy is half Angus, it will be a full year before he is a decent butcher weight. We don't have to steer him to eat him, so this is not a pressing issue. Just a heavy one.


April said...

I thought you were talking about your son!!! Then I kept reading and was like, Oh, THANK GOD!!

Anyway, congrats on the baby. I would love to have a baby cow right now. Even if it is a mutt.

Antof9 said...

That was sneaky and we all know you did that on purpose!

I'd keep him. But then, I like beef, and I'm not responsible for feeding him or converting him to beef, either.

Your cookies must be amazing!

Matriarchy said...

Um, are you gonna, um, share the cookie recipe? I love me some Molasses Cookies.

The Fool said...

That is quite the surprise. I am curious though...what are your other options?

And congrats on getting your cookies out there. Best to you for a very succesful contract - and many more.

Robbyn said...

I was relieved when you typed that your son said "Moo" (whew) lol! Congratulations on the little fellow :)

Anonymous said...








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