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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh the Drama!

Lott the bull has calmed back down. He is bored with following the horse, and the sheep and goat won't play with him, so he is done with them. He is now all cuddly with Edie. Mama is not a foreplay type of gal.

Our good neighbor came over yesterday. He helped fix part of the fence that the neighbors horses keep folding in half. We got the back up and strung some horse fence. We decided against the bull wire, we aren't going to need it. Lott likes to walk up to the fence and make, "come out and fight" noises at the horses. But the horses are now board of him, and he gets ignored. We figured that will stop shortly as well. He didn't butt into the hay bale last night, instead he was willing to roll over and play dead for a cookie. Everything is now nice and calm, the only "incident" was that Lott dragged off the good neighbor's ladder.

It is a lot different than it was the day before. My post on Lott's first night worried the owner. Which I can understand. She asked one of the family cow boards if this was normal behavior. I attempted to reassure her that it was. I will say there is a good reason I don't do those types of boards, the drama gets to me. I was a little ticked when a woman started scream typing in response, telling the owner I was uneducated and that she should go get the bull and bring it back right now. But then I got a good giggle. Lott doesn't need meds, this woman does.

Yesterday I went to look at the dairy goat I was telling you about. It's nice that lately my livestock has been coming from fellow homesteaders, rather then large scale farms.

Her name is Patch, she has one horn due to the previous owner (not the one I bought her from) had an issue with dehorning, one grew back. She has been well milked, as you can see. She may or may not be bred, we have another 2 weeks before she goes back into heat.

The mother and daughter showed me how she jumps right up on the table, and how she should be milked. We loaded her into the cage and then into the back of the truck. We discovered that she had a little gas on the way home, as the back window was open and she was more comfortable facing backward. My seven year old was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down his cheeks. At some point we got into "what would you do for a Klondike Bar" turns out he won't do too much.

Once home she hoped right down and walked into the goat pen. Poor girl was shaking. Until that is, she saw all the boys who came running out to see the unicorn. Then Patch was fine. She followed the boys around the pen when they grew tired of the new pet. She wasn't going to leave their side. She was not happy to see Dora and Donkey. Dora was blase about it. Donkey was more terrified than Patch. No one touched noses, no one met. We will see what they are doing when we get out there when the sun finally comes up. Patch jumped when Edie mooed, and she did come nose to nose with our youngest calf, Urth. She seems to be more of a people goat than anything else.


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