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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Whole Mess of Things

My rose petal jam recipe made number 38 on Baking in Bloom: 50 best Edible Flower Recipes Ever. There are some good recipes listed there ( Baking Delights) . I have a bunch more up my sleeve, maybe I will share some more of them later. If you ask nicely.

It won't stop raining! It is frustrating because I have 60+ sweet potato slips to put into the ground. But the soil is clay, and it isn't wise to work clay when it is wet. You get bricks. My purchase of heritage sweet potato slips came in the other day. This is my first year ordering from Sand Hill Preservation. They have all kinds of heritage food stuff, including birds.

There is a little paranoia going around the neighborhood as of late. We found out that one of our neighbors had sold her home. No one even knew she was going to sell it. There is concern here because the last time new people moved in we began to have thefts. Not just my birds, but Brome, tillers, ladders, and so forth. The list is long. We know that not everyone is like this, but we fear this change. We are all making an attempt not to label the new people before we meet them. We had a small meeting of concerned neighbors last night. We explained and confessed our concerns, and we all admitted that we need to wait in our judgment. My husband and I know what it feels like to be judged before meeting with us. So we are reserving our judgment on this one as well.

This weekend I meet a woman from Craigslist, I bought 2 mixed breed bannies from her. The rooster is in my room trying to crow. Sounds more like someone is strangling him than a crow. She is a sweet girl and is having theft problems with her birds and neighbors as well. We talked for 2 hours without realizing it.

And finally, we will be having Christmas goose this year, although I would like to butcher him now! I have never had a problem with my geese going nutso on me before. But last night, one of the teen ganders went off on me, which got the adult geese attention and they went after him, whom of which was attacking me. SO I had 3 geese all over me, and I didn't have my boots on. I did have the hand towel that I brought out to dry off Mama's udders, so I started whipping that about. My husband almost fell over into a puddle laughing so hard.

"What did you just break out, your Chuck Norris or your Jacki Chan?"


Alex said...

It has been 60's rainy and generally crappy for days here in Maine. Our garden is also clay and dismal. I have 2 dumptruck loads of composted manure coming in 2 weeks but how many years before clay turns to soil? The chickens are happy but the cats come in all soggy. Love to see what you are up to.-Alex

Phelan said...

Welcome Alex! I couldn't tell you how long it takes for clay to turn into soil. It has been 5 years that we have spent planting corn and sunflowers in our's to help loosen it up. Clay has some wonderful benifits. The key to working with it is dry at the time of prepping, plant the biggest seeds you have in it, and mulch it to kee it damp. Clay will hold water longer then other soils, so you have to be careful not to rot out seeds.

I went over and checked out your blog, should be interesting to watch you guys. Good luck with it all.

lisa said...

I can just see you going all Nam' on those geese! It wouldn't be as fresh, but you could butcher him now and freeze him if he gets on your last nerve. I feel your pain with the clay soil, I used to garden in it at my mom's in IN..."years" until it becomes good is about right!

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