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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We need to talk

It's not me, it's you. I mean, it's not you it's that other person. no,no. I have never broken up with anyone before, good thing I still don't have to.

What do I mean by we need to talk? I have mentioned this many times, but talking to other's about homesteading in a non lectury way can get you a good score. Yes, some people will look at you oddly, but I find that if you don't actually say homesteading and talk about an up coming project in that just making small talk sort of way, someone might just have something they want to give you.

Sunday I was at the local grocer and on the bulletin board was a flyer for canning jars. a dozen for $2, it read. in my head I am thinking SCORE! I brought the number home and called my mother and told her. She said make an appointment with them and we would go the next day. I decided to wait until the next day to call.

Monday morning my mother calls. She said she was talking to a woman and said that she wouldn't be there until later because of this jar buying adventure. The woman said don't buy jars! Turns out she has and attic full, and a bunch in the garage and a pressure canner she will give (I said give) to us.


Now for that sweatband, I was thinking neon pink with skulls and cross bones.


Anonymous said...

Great score you lucky girl!!! And good luck with that head band. Now please, quick, give me another tune.....I've got Olivia Newton John Stuck in my head!! AHHHHHHH! (maybe a little Sheena Easton, perhaps?!:)

Meg said...

Awesome! We have been accumulating jars, most from yard sales and such--cheap, but not free. Too bad that the people with the coolest stuff to pass on (ie, old people) are the least likely to Freecycle or Craigslist their stuff. Ah, well. Good on your mom for finding a free jar source!

I'm loving the sweatband upadates :P

FancyHorse said...

If they (old people) don't FreeCycle or Craigslist, their children or grandchildren might, eventually ...

Kathie said...

That is quite a score... I'd like to have another pressure canner to do more quarts at once, I'm jealous.

Tom said...

Wow, nice find! You interested in a Sweatband for a pressure canner trade? :)

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

You'll match my tiller! LOL!~
Great score- I have an old pressure canner but cannot find the gauge- so I am pinching pennies to save for a new one. The old one is as old as me, so a new one feels more....comfortable.:}

Phelan said...

Farm mom, just for you I have Blondie and men without hats i today's post.

Meg, See if you have a rural newspaper. Do a little search for one. Ours has all kinds of auctions listed, this is going to be a greaat score for anyone.

fancyhorse, yes at some point they will. Nice to see you!

Kathie, my mom wants hers back, so I will only have the one pressure canner, however my mom says we are going to help each other with harvest.

Tom, depends, is it neon pink with skulls on it?

Tammi, oh that's right! I forgot. Maybe it was your tiller that inspired my choice.

Desert Cat said...

Oh my. We could use a 'score' like that. We've started canning stuff and a big supply of jars would be fantastic!

I'm up to my ears in getting my house on the property lately, but I should start scanning Craigslist regularly for stuff like this.

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