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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Like Killing Two Birds with One Stone

No, more like four birds with an electric fence.

Picture 106

What we think happened was that the birds landed on our fence, then touched the neighbors hot fence. The initial shock doesn't normally kill them, but will knock them out for a few moments. These guys didn't fall free from the hot fence, so the constant electrically flow going through them, killed them. What we will be doing to stop this, is donating our offset isolators to our neighbor. This way if another bird lands on our fence, it won't accidentally touch the electric fence.

I thought my children were bad, turns out that horses are just like them. Here they all are, attempting to remove one of the birds.

Picture 110

Earlier in the day, I saw the birds hanging in the distance. My thought pattern was that they were not wild birds, but my chicks. And that the person that had been stealing my adult birds had placed them there to say that no matter what we do, they can still get to our birds. Paranoia or too many horror novels?


alrescate said...

I hope the isolaters work.

When I first saw the pictures I thought you had black plastic hanging on the fence...

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by your blog after clinking a link on a friend's blog. I really like your blog and admire your choice of lifestyle. If I had to do it over, I might have gone the same route as you. As it is, my son inherited a full section, and is now considered to be the farmer in the family. I should add that he is in college, and just rents out the land. Anyways, I love your blog and will be checking it out regularly from now on.


Phelan said...

Alrescate, I thought at first glance that's what they were. Then that other thought process took hold.

Jeff, thank you. And you are welcome here anytime.

abbagirl74 said...

I thought the same thought as you did about your neighbors. Weird!

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