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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get a Clue

I will start posting later and later as the days progress. I will be doing more morning chores, like gardening, in the cooler temps of the morning. I will post, but in the afternoon, when the heat of the day drives me indoors.

I got to drive the tractor! I was actually able to take it away from my husband. We were beginning to think he was glues to the metal seat. We or ummm, I, cultivated the ditch that runs through our property. This is were all our water loving melons are being planted. One problem with this though. Because of where the cattle fence is, where the garden is, and where this cultivated ditch is, we can not get to the orchard. This is when we decide to put one of those bridge boards to use. We dragged it to the ditch using a lead. It took two of us, and we still struggled with it a bit.

bridge plank pulley

Now we have access.

Of course while we were working,

Looks heavy

the boys decided to brave the cows, and take a dip in the trough.

Picture 149

Later that day, I sent my boys to gather some fire wood. I wanted to practice my open flame cooking skills.


I made a simple dish of ham, noodle, cheese and spinach casserole.

Picture 152

I brought the water to a boil for the noodles,

Picture 154

heated the ham, melted the butter and cheese with a little milk

Picture 155

and allowed it to "bake" for a few minutes before serving it up.

Picture 156

Picture 157

The boys loved it, and it had a smoky flavor that can't be beat.

So, why am I practicing my open flame cooking skills? This is your clue to Monday's announcement.


Caroline said...

The tension has me on pins and needles! I'll be watching *very* closely by Monday!

One guess - with the clue of cooking over an open fire - covered wagon trip? LOL! ;D

Given55 said...

I know!!!! I know what the big secret is. But, I'm not telliing

alrescate said...

You know I've been meaning to ask if you were going camping this year....

Obviously *I* can't go.

abbagirl74 said...

Agh! I am such an impatient person! Can't wait to find out!

Mishy said...

How long did it take before you got grapes on your grapevines????

My vines are now on their 6th year and I have yet to have a grape. But I have got some good vines going on.

I am in the KC metro area.

Phelan said...

Caroline, you are not too far off.

Given, you better not.

alrescate, no, I will not be camping this year. Haven't thought about it.

abba, you'll be ok until monday :D

Mishy, welcome! I had grapes my first year. If you are not growing grapes, but the vines are doing so well, sounds like you planted it in too rich of a soil. For your vines to produce grapes they need to be plant where little else will grow. The vines will then be forced to concentrate on it's berries rather then foilage. I would go ahead and use those vines for some homemade reafs, and replant a new vine somewhere else.

amanda said...

arrrrgggg...i will be out of town next week and may not have internet access...can't you wisper it to me now?
very impressed by your ham casserole!

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