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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dread, Hope and Kenny Chesney

Summer heat is coming. This is not something that I look forward to. Heat stroke, more ticks, sunburns and limited time outside working. But you have to deal with it, if you want to live in this type of lifestyle. It will be nice to get to a place where I can just dive into a pond when it gets too hot.

Cow report: Edies' udder are HUGE! I watch her walk and sympathize with her engorgement. It actually makes me cringe, as they bounce off her legs. I honestly can't see them getting any larger without exploding before having this calf. I barely squeezed her into the milking stanchion last night, and noticed that if cow bellies can drop, hers looks like it has. No dribble mucus to report, but she seems to be prolapsing in a certain female area ( sorry boys, should have warned you TMI) I am excited about a new baby, from both Edie and Delilah the Angora.

Contest: Looks like Kenny Chesney is the winner. Thank you for those that helped out. If you are going to Sturgis or know someone that is, I am holding a contest over on Following the Yellow Brick Road. The contest will keep the theme of my blog. I will be accepting submissions on Monday, ending on Friday of photos taken from the back of a motorcycle. Then allowing readers to vote on their favorites. If you could help spread the word for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Full details will be up on the bike blog in a few.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Watch for sunken-in, hollowed places on each side of her tail-head. If you see that, birth should happen within 48 hours. This is more noticeable on some cows than others.

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