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Monday, April 07, 2008

yeah, that would be a tractor

A 1940 Ford 9N to be exact.
1940 Ford 9N
Friday night, the neighbor and my husband headed south to my brother-in-laws rental farm (that would be a farm he is renting, not a large place to rent things) My husband said the despite the rotten rim,
it rolled right up onto the trailer. I know it is hard to tell, but the picture above is of the rotten rim. It is nasty looking in person. So does the seat.

side view

This tractor has been sitting in an open field for at least 24 years. My husband and the neighbor from across the way were quick to get it running.

old school meets new

The mason jar is original.

air filter
Did I mention it had a hand crack starter?
Hand crank

My husband had it running, started for the first time in 24 years, by the evening. Now to find a new rim, a manifold, clean out the gas tank, buy some arms, and we are good to go.

Total price so far? $50


Donna said...

Oh, Cliff has restored several old tractors that looked that bad or worse. They really built things to last back then.

Merry said...

Hey! We have a bunch of old tractors in that sort of condition. None of ours are hand crank, though. :(

My dad uses an old Massey Ferguson 90 that my grandpa got used, I think, way back when. It has the push button starter but I think it had a mason jar, too. I can't remember if the front-end loader is original, I don't think the PTO shaft or the hydraulics are. In any case, I know the cab is not origninal! :D

Have fun with your new toy, guys!

abbagirl74 said...

That tractor looks cool. I love the original mason jar. Neat!

Wren said...

Johnnie is impressed!! He wants to know if he wants to come down here and work on a ratty old Corvette, since no one around here seems to be capable of it! ;-)

alrescate said...

Wow! If you can keep it running I bet it will be a real work-horse!

Ginnie said...

You guys are amazing!

han_ysic said...

Looks like fun. I'm impressed that you got it started after sitting in a field for 23 years or whatever. Shows that they don't make them like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Careful with that hand-crank! It's a good way to either break an arm or worse if'n you;re not careful...

lisa said...

Great job getting it running so quickly! I always enjoy the antique tractor shows at the fair, I even bought 4 old cast-iron seats to turn into bar stools. (When I finally build the bar! ;-)

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