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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Bil, a Goat and some white trash walk into a bar. . .

This morning I will be heading east to look at some angora goats. My husband will be in charge of getting the boys ready for school, and all the other mid afternoon chores. (insert evil laugh here) It's nice to not have to be so responsible.

We were unable to get grandfather's tractor yesterday because my brother-in-law managed to break our trailer lights. He had wound up the cord so tightly that the ground wire was yanked out. It took awhile to figure that one out. But it was getting too late to go. So my husband called his brother. His brother said,
come get it or I am going to have it junked.
ugh! This thing has been sitting out there for years, and now that his brother wants it, he is going to be a jerk about it. He knows that my truck is sans engine and we are at the mercy of the neighbor. My husband replied to him,
what do you think your mother would have to say about that.
Brother replied,
just come get it soon.
That cracks me up, grown men scared of their mom! But I guess you would have to met her to understand that she can still control her 30 something year old boys.

Do you remember some time back, where I gritched about some homesteading magazines? Last night my husband was waiting for a phone call back and had sat down (which he hardly does) and flipped through a certain magazine ( which he hardly ever does) suddenly he looks at me and says,
this isn't geared to normal people.
This reminded me of what Tim said in response to my post yesterday. "Rich Homesteader. I don't think there is such a thing." I had to smile, because these magazines seem to think there is. I informed my husband that there is this green fad going on, and they are trying to bank on the people with money. To stay in business they have to cater to new readers. I do miss the ingenuity that use to grace the pages of these magazines. Once upon a time they would show you how to make anything with junk you had laying around. Now they want you to buy new "green materials to build the same thing. I know it can't be just me that thinks being green doesn't mean to purchase, but to use what you are ready have. I had to explain to my neighbor what I meant when I told her I was white trashing my banny coop. umm...repurposing? using what is already available to build something new? Then she got it, but I don't think she really did. She is one of the new breeds of consumers that want a self sufficient life by buying it.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Angora goats sound like fun. you'll pick up that yarn spinning thing pretty quickly. Thanks for the link love btw. I posted a much more detailed response on my blog.

Renee said...

In regards to the last part of your post, you would probably enjoy this article from the NYT called "Buying into the Green Movement". It's all about the trend in "green living", but how it's missing the reduce/reuse cycles. People are consuming just as much, or more than ever to purchase a "green lifestyle", which is a totally not sustainable living.

Here is the link:

In case that link doesn't work, I listed the article in full in this blog post of mine:

I get really heated thinking about it too :)

lisa said...

Heh...too bad that when something gets popular, it gets more expensive and less sensible! Good thing you already know what to do without all the "new" advice.

Wendy said...

I think it's kind of funny ... and very sad, that in our "consumer" culture, someone is always trying to capitalize on whatever is en vogue at the moment. I completely agree with you - "buying" green isn't "green" at all, and it's much better to reuse/recycle/repurpose something you already have than to replace your "non-green" things with green stuff, just because you can. What happens to the thing you replaced?

When the new hybrid cars came out, we talked about whether it was worth it to buy one, and from an eco-standpoint the answer is no, because, while we'd be driving a more eco-friendly car, our "old" car would likely still be on the road being driven by someone else. As such, that's TWO cars on the road - not so green when you think about it.

angie said...

Nice post. I agree that folks have interpreted "being green" with purchasing a lot of new stuff. Our society has become a society of consumers.

Robbyn said...

We got a Sam's club flier in the mail yesterday and guess what was on the back cover? (if memory serves...) A full-page ad for an "eco home makeover"...making it more sustainable for ONLY (Drumrolllllll) $44,000. Or was it $55,000? Then I TOTALLY cracked's what you get with the "deal" panels for roof, a wind turbine, a one week vacation while they install everything, internet monitoring (whatever that means?), Energy Star appliances for kitchen and laundry and lighting throughout house, a housewarming party when you return home, and PBS will tape footage of the process.

What happened to a clothesline, opening the windows, washing dishes by hand, and touring whatever states have relatives with spare couches and sleeping bags?

Phelan said...

Tim, good reply. Though I still would like to have more money to play with. Ah that wonderful part of me that wants and craves.

renee, Your post was excellent. It is too bad that more people don't see things your way. I have complined about this before. In apost calledI am selfish and one called gritching.

Lisa, sigh, other peoples kids.

Wendy, you are right. Buying something to replace something that is still usable is not being "green" If I can't fix it, it will be replaced but hopefully I can find a new use for the old one.

angie, thank you.

Robbyn, my side hurts from laughing. But hey, I guess this will help PBS in its ratings.

Gina said...

I actually saw a wally world ad the other day promoting organics and a "greener world". It ***can*** be found on their shelves!! (LOL)

agree as usual with your viewpoints.

BTW, I got the seeds and the gorgeous gift! Thanks. I am sending out a proper thank you soon.

Evelyn said...

I am glad the "Green" is trendy right now. I live in a city and most of the people that I know laugh that I have a vegetable garden. They ask me in a funny way “how are your tomatoes?” every time they talk to me. They will buy stuff just for the sake of buying. Like decorations and gifts for all the holiday without knowing what the holiday is all about. Since they are going to purchase something anyway I prefer is “green” to save our planet.

Phelan said...

Gina, a new wally opened up here recently. I got a flyer in the mail that claims to have farm fresh veggies year round from them. I had to think about that one for a moment, the new store is less then a block away from monsanto. hhhmmmm...

Evelyn, you are right. Many people (businesses) will profit from this. People consuming with out thinking or knowing what it is they are buying. I have had many people ask if I will be selling my produce, or eggs, or my breads. I wouldn't mind the money, but I would rather teach them how to do it themselves. I could give a spit less about the green movement (read the link above called I am selfish)I am ticked that something I use to find insperation from has decided to sell me a polaris, or inform me I am spending too much money on a exotic vacation, when I haven't been on vacation since I was a child. It is just one of lifes little annoyances. And I am glad to hear that your business is making a profit. I find nothing wrong with that at all. Good Fortune to you.

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