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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beneath the Planet of the Tractors

Picture 1007

We didn't get to the cultivator yesterday. My husband took the center buster over to our good neighbors field to help him out a bit. Today is my husband's last day of semi-retirement, he starts his new job tomorrow, lots will need to be done. We have a long list of must do this now chores, only so that our weekends won't be jam packed. We have plans to hit up some motorcycle rallies this year, and we can't have all this homesteading stuff get in the way. (this is where I would wink)

Shear goats and sheep
put up new fencing
build banny boxes
cultivate garden
plant some of the garden

That is on today's list. I did build a quick banny box yesterday. My good neighbor has some columbine bannies he didn't want. They were his grandpa's. But they don't do well in the winter, grandpa was not wanting to deal with them, though loved them, and now good neighbor doesn't have the time for them. So I took them. The are a gorgeous pair of birds. Remind me to get some photos for you all.

Have you seen Beneath the Planet of the Apes? I love those movies, but the one scene when the apes are entering the forbidden zone and there are all those dead apes hanging like scarecrows, it is that scene that I remembered after we covered our fruit trees. The flowers survived!


Margo said...

I've been enjoying your blog - but now I have to ask - what's a banny box? columbine bannies? Please tell me it's short for bantams...? Looking forward to the photos, and congrats on saving the trees from the frost.

Phelan said...

Margo, I am glad your are enjoying my blog. Yes, Banny is short for bantam. A banny box, is a nesting coop for bantams. And Columbine would be a typo (I have been up too many hours already this morning) That should have read Columbian. They are a mini version of these Wyandottes, and have just been recently included as an established breed. I will get some photos today and post them for you tomorrow.

alrescate said...

Congrats on the new bannies! I'm glad you made it through the frost okay.

Adorablemama said...

You should try bing cherries, they need a frost to thrive, and how bout some maples too.

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