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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Potato Boobs

It's that time of year once again ladies and gentlemen. If you live in my zone (and don't ask me which zone because 3 different sources have me in 3 different zones. But I think it is now 6) to start digging up the ground. Potato time is here.

I can hear your excitement.

We have a problem here that consists of a man, a tractor and taking away the top soil. We have been working the ground, attempting to get it back to it's once glorious farm roots. The tiller will not go deep enough, so now we are out doing it all by hand. And I have to keep reminding myself that I chose to live this way, get over it.

Tools needed for this: a potato fork
potato fork

And some good boots attached to the husband.
dig it

Then dig and flip, dig and flip, until you 1200 square feet of potato beds are complete. And you only have 2 weeks to do it in. Did I mention that some mornings you will get up and the ground is frozen? Just wait until the afternoon and it will thaw. And don't forget that peas, onions and your cabbages need to be going in soon as well. (I am so sore this morning)

I touched a boob!

Yes, I am once again talking about cows. Edie was in the stanchion yesterday morning and I was allowed to, let's call it caress just so google can list me in the naughty pages, her udder. No complaints. In case you missed their background, the ladies come from a beef herd, so they have never really been dealt with like this. I thought it would take more time, but with Edie, things are going quicker then expected.

There is an interesting article here, about the Australian version of NAIS.


Gina said...

I bet you are going to get some really weird hits for people with a "potato boob" fetish ;-)

We still have a few weeks before potato planting time. However, chicks are scheduled to arrive Friday at the local Rural King.

AND, Tractor Supply, who stopped carrying chicks because of the bird flu scare are going to carry them again this year. In fact, it has been three years in this area.

Times, they are a-changin'...

Phelan said...

Gina, yes I thought about that. Yesterday orning after I dealt with the cows, I jumped on the bed (as husband o'mine was still slumber yelling "I TOUCHED MY FIRST BOOB!" That woke him right up hehe. But when I was thinking about talking about it, I thought about how to phrase it, and me being the dork I am laughed about google naughty pages refering people her for boobs :D

Potatoes go in the ground, here, St. Patricks day. Our chicks should arrive that week as well. Chicks have been at the co-op and the farm stores for 3 weeks now. And I found out that when I start hatcing out my Minacora's I can sell them through the co-op. It is almost spring. Are you ready? ha! I think I am, but then I am also dreding all that work. Wow I am talkitive today.

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