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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better get it done.

My onions are now in. If you don't know when you should plant, I have the USDA's updated Zone map here.

I went looking through my blog to see what I have posted on onions. I have storing and harvesting, but nothing on growing. Now why is that? I wonder. First, no one has asked, and second they are rather simple. You push them into the ground when all the other root vegetable go in. The only thing you really want to avoid with onions is planting them in a row, as the maggot likes to go from onion to onion.

We broke our tiller, twice. So we bought another one as we are behind because of this breakage. We will fix it when we have time, and use it for breaking up the soil between rows. Our new tiller is cheaper, yet my husband likes it much more than the other. It can get into the soil deeper then the more expensive one.

I have half my potatoes in. This has caused a panic here at the homestead. We are far behind when we shouldn't be. But sometimes, ok lots of times, things just don't go as planned. Thank goodness for neighbors! My neighbors from across the way have borrowed a tractor and disc. He came over last night and asked if we had anything we needed disced up. OH YES! So today he will be discing my new garden spot, discing the good neighbors field, and digging out our other neighbors horse barn to level it.

This morning after milking I will be heading across the way to help my neighbor decide what kind of chickens she wants. It's funny, I have seemed to have started a homesteading trend in my neighborhood. Aw, but do they really want me to be their teacher?


Anonymous said...

Sigh, I unfortunately know only too well. There was a bunch of stuff that was supposed to get planted no later than Monday, and it's still not done.

Gina said...

Oh, man O man do I wish I had neighbors like you! At least at the place we are leaving (you know my woes all to well. Those people don't garden anything, but lawn).

I am way behind too. I think the general folklore planting time for potatoes and onions around here is Good Friday. Of course, GF was early this year (and won't be that early again for something like 200 years), so I am going with that since I am no where near ready to plant. Sr insists the ground is too wet, but I may hand work some of the former owners' garden area and get them in.

And, wow, you are coming to the "great" state of Indiana! Maybe I will plan some work stuff down in Evansville (I am waaay up in the opposite corner!!)

alrescate said...

Nothing better than a good neighbor!

han_ysic said...

It sounds like you have a great community there, congratulations on having an impact. Hope you get all your potatoes in okay.

Phelan said...

a new old fashioned gal, thanks for stoping by. I just ran over and peeked on your blog, great quilt.

gina, I know doll. oh and I sent something extra in the seed pask for you. It is hand made by my mother. Hope you like it.

alrescate, I know

Hannah, I had to work on the neighbors to get them this way ;).

abbagirl74 said...

Your neighbors are sooooo lucky.

Phelan said...

abba, they might not think so after this harvest

VADutchman said...

Sorry for the boring question, but what tiller did you have and what did you buy as the new one?

Phelan said...

VAdutchman, no, not a boring question. The tiller that broke on use is a Poulan Pro. The new one is an EarthQuake Badger. Both have Briggs and Stratton engines. The problem with the Poulan is that the chain the drives the wheels, the master link, broke and binds up. We fixed it, but you have to take the entire machine, and I mean the entire machine, apart to get to it. The Earthquake is getting deeper into the soil. We have never had an issue with Poulan before now. But the 2 year warranty expired, so. . . ya know.

lisa said...

I think it's great that you are developing an excellent helping/bartering relationship with your neighbors! Heck, that's what life's all least the good parts, anyway.

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