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Friday, February 15, 2008

That Bites

I left here yesterday, jacket in hand, around 2 pm. Short sleeved shirts were all the rage. I went to help out with my 6 year olds kindergarten V-Day party. Yes, I am THE room parent. (that statement shocks and causes a fit of giggles for those that know me well) Once we left the party, 3:30pm, is was below freezing. And I had to go out and work in it.

As I think back on yesterdays events, I find the process rather fascinating. I watch as our past lives get junked, either to the scrap metal pile, or the trash can, or the burn barrel, or to be repurposed. Our past lives have no more room in our current one. It is hard to watch some things go, but we don't have the room to keep these things are on pure sentimental value.

The wind was biting right through my leather. It was painful. My shoulders ached and cursed at me, my knees wanted to call it a day. Yet things are to be done in this kind of weather if we want to be homesteaders. A room mom asked me what I did yesterday. I easily said homesteader, and she gave me a look of worry. And it suddenly hit me, most people don't see the difference between a homesteader and a survivalist. That could explain some of the government agencies that like to hang out on my blog, besides the USDA. I quickly said to the mom that we were not survivalists. We do not feel that the government is out to get us, or that we need to protect ourselves at any cost from them. We do feel that they have too much say in our lives, but the point of homesteading is to be self reliant. To do things for ourselves, and not depend on everyone around us for handouts, for food, for clothing. She still had an uneasy look on her face, but nodded politely. One would think that my children would not be in a public school system if I was a survivalist. But I don't know what goes on in the minds of people that are not accustom to homesteading. After the look I received from that mother, I need to think of a better explanation about what homesteading is. But I guess I just veered from what I was saying.

The wind bites. We moved our fridge feed storage into the pen with the goats and sheep. We have some hog panel that my brother-in-law gave us, and that was placed to use as a holding pen for when they first get here (still talking cows). I was using a magnet on a stick to gather any loose metal, I came up with a lot of staples. Today we work on the two gates.

Killi, if you are reading, your book on homemade farm devices rocks! It has been very useful these past couple of days. There are a few things in it that we will be doing (photos to come) two of the gates listed in there will be made today. Thank you again!

I don't want to go back out there. Last night my husband asked, while I was complaining, Are you a pioneer woman. I screamed into the wind, NO! I AM A SUBURBAN GIRL!


Nomadic said...

How about "Farmer"? Farmer covers a multitude of facets and is something that most people can grasp. My step-grandpa called himself a farmer all the days of his life...whether he was raising, pigs, chicken, beans or cotton, he was a farmer.

You may not have a traditional farm going, but with a donkey, cows, kids and way too much work to do, you qualify as a farmer in my book! :)

Melissa in FL

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Melissa is absolutely right. Farmer covers it all I think. and you won't get the Are you crazy head tilt look either.

I used to think the gov't isn't out to get me, but the more I stick my head into the politics arena, the more I am getting somewhere between concerned to going out to buy a boat load of guns before I can't. We'll see.

Phelan said...

Melissa, farmer would cover it, but since I am in the middle of wheat, they start asking about wheat. You just end up explaining the whole thing anyway. Survivalists do get a bad rap though. All the ones I know don't seem to be the uni-bomber type.

Tim, my favorite survivalist. The government isn't out to get you, it is the people in the governemt that are. :D Ok I have my issues with government agencies (smile Tim they like my blog) and I don't think they need to be so invovled in our lives. I expect to fill out a form evrytime I go to the bathroom and emailing it off to someone. I am hopeful that they will see that they are becoming more and more corrupt and things will change. I will not be holding my breath.

Mike said...

How interesting. I found your blog through your mom's, who commented on mine.

I pretty much completely built the structures on our country property by myself over a period of years, so I have a certain image of what homesteading might mean.

Best of luck to you!


Phelan said...

Thank you for stopping by Mike. We too are trying to build our own structures, but things just don't seem to be working in our favor for that right now.

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