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Monday, February 18, 2008

No cows yet

We are still waiting on the phone call from the owners telling us that the cows have come up to the house, that ours have been seperated from the herd, and are ready for pick up. This should happen any day now.

Until then, let me amuse and awe you with some photos.

We needed to clean up the barn and put up some fencing.
Barn day 1

Barn later that day

Barn day 2

Will get some updated photos for you later.

A new gate had to be made. We used some reclaimed lumber from my brother-in-law.
building a gate from scratch

Finished gate

My husband made a hay feeder out of a rain barrel that was split. An old metal bunkbed and reclaimed lumber. Total cost? Some labor.

Building a feeder

Feeder half done

Feeder finished

Those of you use to seeing yourself on my side bar, no worries, you are still there. I know have the blogroll set up to only show recently updated blogs, there is 106 blogs on that list.


abbagirl74 said...

Welcome back. Hope all is well.

alrescate said...

The barn is looking good! At least it will be ready when the cows show up.

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