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Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'll Earn That Merit Badge Yet.

I have done it! I can finally cross one more thing off my list.

Orange stuffed with cloves

Yes you see it correctly, and now you know that I am half way to earning that Smell Goodem Merit Badge and cross over to the Apprentice level of Homesteader. Ah, but some of you ask, what is it? While other's ask the important question of Why? And I can hear some of you fellow homesteaders whooping it up, all geared up to celebrate my achievement.

What is it? It is a orange with a string through it, stuffed with whole cloves.

Why? Because it smells good, and it is in almost all the old school books. (Plus my 4 year old stabbed it, hid it, and I didn't feel like wasting it) We will check back with it later, as it ages.

Celebration? I am good this weekend.

With this down time, we are going to bring back the ever popular Choose Your Homesteaders Adventure. My older readers should remember this from last winter, it is where I offer up a poll of things I should try, and I allow you, the reader to pick which one I will do.

We will do something a little different this year though.

Leave a comment on something you would like to see me do. It needs to be homesteading related or DIY and something you think I haven't done yet. Tomorrow I will post them in a poll, and the most voted on activity will be done by me within the week.


han_ysic said...

I think you should try spinning your own wool. Not sure if you have sheep to spin your own wool, but I have been able to find enough to keep me busy for a long time yet. I have just begun to learn this skill, and it's very rewarding, and a great conversation starter.

Stephanie said...

I think there should be someway to teach a class or two online :) I have YM under Labyrinth080305

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