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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You are still answering questions, right?

Being from the same area, I was interested in what food you can buy locally, grown locally, and what food do you have to buy from the store?

I am interested in buying more food from my local farmers/vendors.

I couldn't find the post where you talked about this, although I remember once upon a time when you touched this topic. Can we pay a visit to this topic again please? ~Abbagirl74

I am always up for answering any questions. The subject of local food does come up very often, Why are Homesteaders obsessed with food, during the last Blogathon I did the ABCs of Local food stuff, And I have talked about one of my visits to the local farm market.

Kansas has wonderful soil and a good growing season, we can buy many of our food stuff locally. The Sedgwick County Extension Office hosts the Farmer's Market, even during the winter. I noticed that they do not list there winter hours, so I need to go find the post card I got from my meat people. The website tells you all the types of items that is sold there. Wichita also has a CSA that you can join. There are also several U-pick-it's in the area. A few of us have discussed opening our own CSA here.

Anything that I do not grown here myself, I buy locally. Of course there are exceptions. Coffee, sugar, chocolate, vanilla, and citrus, are the items off the top of my head that you can not get locally grown.

By clicking on the tags, it should bring up other posts I have done on the subject.


abbagirl74 said...

I called the Sedgwick County Extension Office to ask about winter hours and the rude lady told me "they don't do it during the winter because the independents can't afford to rent the rooms inside". ????? I almost ripped into her because her tone was not one I appreciated. She did not have to sound like she was better than everyone else. Ugh! Anyway, I was just passing the info along.

Phelan said...

The card I got says they are there every 2nd sunday of the month. Guess I should go and check it out and report back to you.

Given55 said...

I've sent you an award.

lisa said...

You have meat people?! Cool! I want to post about this in season, both for my own info and any other Wisconsin bloggers...thanks for the inspiration!

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