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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am tired and a little sad.

I really wasn't feeling spirited enough to fight, but then I read some of these items below and realized, more than ever my situation requires me to inform all of you about NAIS. If this persists and infects Kansas like it has other States, I will indeed lose my homestead.

NC Blackmails Farmers in Drought?


Hay buyers must have an N.C. Farm ID Premises Identification Number.

If you do not have one, download the registration form (PDF file),
fill it out and bring it with you to a distribution site. This will
start the Farm ID registration process and qualify you to purchase

In Illinois,

National plan draws local criticism, despite good intentions

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

CARTHAGE, Ill. — Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Chuck Hartke is standing behind the requirement for premise identification to show livestock at state, county, 4-H and FFA fairs.

"I heard plenty, but I didn't hear anything to change my mind," Hartke said after two hours of questions and concerns Monday night from Hancock County residents. Continues>>>>

And then there is this:

The 2006 Agricultural Identification Survey and the NASS/NAIS Identity

by Mary Zanoni, Ph.D., J.D.

Like many small-farm advocates, I have been fielding questions over the past few weeks about the above survey being sent out by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Many people ask if there is any relationship between the survey and the data being collected (often without the knowledge or consent of farmers) for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). As we shall see, although USDA personnel won’t admit it, NASS data is the foundation of the USDA’s aggressive pursuit of NAIS.

To my great surprise, in this morning’s mail I myself received a 2006 Agricultural Identification Survey (2006 AIS). I say “to my great surprise,” because I am not and never have been engaged in any type of commercial agriculture whatsoever. I have never before received any type of communication from NASS.

The envelope states in very large letters, “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW.” Continue>>>>>


Robbyn said...

That is exasperating!! Before you know it there'll be "black market hay"...sheesh!

What the heck are they "needing" to track hay sales for...why the "need" for the premises ID for the hay sales?? Are they really worried there are SOOOOOO many people out there clamoring for hay for some other reason than for feeding animals? What an underhanded attempt to force out the people who don't opt for the "voluntary premises IDs"...and since when does voluntary mean For Profit???
Whatever you do, please don't stop homesteading, Phelan, if at all possible. You're the real "pioneer woman."

Phelan said...

Hay movement is already tracked. Earlier last year a new law was implimented that required those that bought the hay to inform officals where it was taken, and what route it went through. This was done because of the bioterrism that we are told to be scared of and that "is" coming. Thing is, no one is doing it. If a smalll local hay farmer doesn't keep reconds then there is no way of knowing how and where it went.

I am not sure what they think will happen if they don't sell only to farmers. But the definition of farm in some states means you make a profit of at least 1,000 USD a year. What happens to the hobbists that don't own official farms. Why do they have to sign up for Farm ID numbers? I am sure that the USDA has bribed, I mean gave monetary help to NC.

Even if I end up in a studio apartment in the middle of the city, I will do as much homesteading as possible.

Not A Proper Farmer said...

Welcome to our world.
The existing animal identification legislation in the UK seems pretty similar to what is being proposed for the US - it doesn't matter how small or large your's still a right royal pain in the ***. However, the hay purchasing requirement is new to me...hope that doesn't happen over here. There is already a mountain of paperwork to do anything regarding animals and their movement.

Green Eyes said...

...for HAY?

That's a new one on me. It actually sounds too silly to be real, and I desperately wish it was.

Anonymous said...

I received an Agricultural Identification Survey from the NASS. I am about 90% ready to throw it away without filling out anything...

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