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Monday, December 10, 2007


Because you guys are great with answers.

If you missed it, The Modern Homestead is back up and running. One of the members has 2 questions that no one seems able to answer. I was hoping you would know the answer(s)

1. Any one got advice on using a foster does to raise up bum calves?

2. Kardosh and Wishard turkeys, What's their differences? What sets the two strains apart?

I tried to do some research on the 2nd question, and their seems to be very little info on them.

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Wren said...

If you mean a doe as a goat, then yes, I have. We didn't have any goats, but we knew someone with a dairy and bought fresh milk from them and bottle fed.

My understanding is that goat's milk is almost a universal milk. We used it with pigs too.

One important thing is that if the calf didn't get any colustrum, it's a pretty hopeless case. I can't recall ever being successful with a calf that didn't get that first mother's milk.

Phelan said...

Sorry, yes doe as in goat doe. Thank you Wren, I will let him know.

Gina said...

I agree with Wren; I have heard the same about goat milk. I wouldn't let the calf nurse directly from the goat (i.e. bottle feed).

I'll have to look up the turkey breeds.

Phelan said...

Gina, thank you.

I did attempt to do some research on the birds for him. I found them listed, but not really "talked" about. All I could really find was that they were both bronzes.

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