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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is it a dog? Crab? Daddy on a bad hair day?

Last night we did lose electricity, for several hours. It isn't an easy feat to keep a mobile home, an older mobile home sans a fireplace, warm. We lucked out, and there was little wind, that helped and we did not have to leave.

And yes, those movies you watch with the white trash trailer parks and the blankets covering their windows is exactly what we did. Heavy winter blankets draped over our windows, and the entrance to the hallway, so that the heat would stay in the living room and kitchen area. Two of our 4 burners were light, and I kept watch over the many candles that lit pathways. The youngest had fallen asleep before lights out, and the other two boys played shadow puppets, until it was bedtime.

I remained awake until the power came back on, around 1 am, so that I could set the alarm and we could be off on our day in time. I mis-set the alarm. oops.

Yesterday the Farm Bill was brought back up to the Senate. I did not yell at the tv, instead I fought from drowning in C-Span2 coma. It was hard. I missed some of it, but what I heard, no one brought up NAIS, or the amendment it is attached to. No worries though, it will be back in Senate today. I did learn the The Senator of Tennessee is concerned that you Urban people will put up a 12 foot wind generator in your front yards if one amendment is passed. NH Senator likes asparagus, but doesn't think their should be a special commodity for them, a female senator (suddenly forgot where she was from) informed the Senate why there should be a special commodity for asparagus growers (Peru gets to send their over here duty free, American growers are unable to compete) and Senator Mike Crappo wants to save the legumes. And they all want to be off the pipeline. I wonder what dirty little secrets I will find out today.


Gina said...

Glad to hear you're finding a way to stay warm!

We have an older-ish manufactured home (fancy mobile home I like to call it) on a slab and we put blankets on the windows of the bedrooms even with electricity (and propane heat)!!

It is ***still*** cold in there!

abbagirl74 said...

Thank goodness for the co-op. I was hoping you were going to be alright. Glad to hear everything is okay.

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